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Mr an Mrs Runion; Update: Autopsy GBI Crime lab Murder Charges on Two Bodies Found in Elrey and June Runion: Senior couple disappear after going to buy car on Craigslist

Missing Person Georgia Mr an Mrs Runion

The sheriff said a cellphone used to make the last known contact with the Runions had been traced to Ronnie Towns aka as the Craigslist killer. He said the young man turned himself in Monday accompanied by family members.

Funeral service will be held for Bud and June Runion on Saturday, January 31st at 1:00 p.m. at Mt. Paran North Church of God, 1700 Allgood Road, Marietta, GA 30062.


Atlanta, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, (GBI) Crime Lab Results Such a very unfortunate finding, after a vehicle that matched the description of the 2003 GMC Envoy that Elrey and June had traveled from their home to McRae, Georgia to buy a car advertised on Craigslist, was found in a water channel, and two bodies were discovered at a separate location, the Telfair County Sheriff’s Office discovered
Around 12:30 the Telfair County Sheriff’s Office posted the results of the GBI autopsy examination. The findings concluded that the two bodies found, were those of 69 years old Elrey “Bud” Runion and 66 years old June Runion. The worst of the findings is that GIB had found that both victims Elrey and June Runion were killed, both shot in the head.


On the early morning of January 22, 2015, Elrey and June Runion had responded to Ronnie “Jay” Adrian Towns, 28 years old of McRae, Georgia, concerning a vintage vehicle 1966 Mustang that Towns apparently had to sell. Elrey and his wife, June had drove to McRae to look at or purchase the said 1966 mustang. Mr. and Mrs. Runion’s family reported them missing the following day after Mr. and Mrs. Runion did not show up to babysit. Days later, it was, found that towns were the only one to have last, contact with Mr. Runion. The investigators determined that Towns story did not add up and a warrant was then, posted for arrest. Mr. Towns then turned himself in, and search carried on for Mr. and Mrs. Runion. Their pewter/champagne color 2003 GMC Envoy license number BWU 7349 was soon after discovered partially submerged in a water channel in Telfair County. Two bodies were, discovered in separate location. The positive identification and cause of death was pending the Georgia Investigation Bureau’s Autopsy examination.

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