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Timothy J. Potter: Missing since 2007 From Missouri

Timothy James Potter, born October 17, 1966, is approximately 48 years old this year. Tim was last seen around 2a.m. on Jan. 19, 2007, at a friends home in the Huffman Trailer Park. 

His family was not aware of Tim’s disappearance until a couple days later when Tim’s employer, the G and D Steak House stated that Tim had not shown up for work. They thought that maybe he had gone to his uncle’s funeral in Potosi, Missouri, but after asking around they found he was never seen there. Tim was very close to his uncle and was extremely upset about his uncle’s passing, so the fact that he did not show up to attend the funeral was odd.

Tim drove a 1985 Cadillac Deville, and it was at the trailer park, until a short time later when a man driving a purplish blue pick-up with tanks in the back retrieved the vehicle stating that Tim had arranged for him to fix it. The paperwork and registration was missing from the vehicle.

If you have any information about Tim’s disappearance please call the Rolla Police dept. at 573-308-1213.

5 feet 7 inches at 150lbs
Brown Hair Brown eyes
Garfield cartoon cat right side chest
Fievel Mousekewitz on the left side chest
Ribbon with Daddy Pride and the names Jamie and Charlie on his left arm
Plucky Duck cartoon character on his rights shin, and Big cat with naked girl on his right shoulder blade

Please Contact:
Rolla Police Department’s Division
Criminal Investigations Unit
At 573-308-1213
Confidential tip line
At 573-364-0111
Missing From the City of Rolla Missouri Huffman Trailer Park

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5 thoughts on “Timothy J. Potter: Missing since 2007 From Missouri

  1. Yea that he is 48 years old this year. Two years older than me. He was 40, when he went missing. He disappeared around 2:00am from his friends trailer. Like a Boeing 777-200ER with 239 people on board. They apparently did not have any evidence of foul play, as in they must be figuring he moved to juniper to get rich

  2. I wish people weren't so darn negative about the grammar. I am a teacher and I understand that, yes, grammar is important. However, the focus of this website is disseminating information so we can find these missing folks. I commend the writers lf this website for taking time out of their day to help find missing people. CHEERS!

  3. Happenstance, I have seen you post on here for the last 1 1/2 years, I cannot believe you are being so rude. Glad you are done here. People can read completely misspelled and mis-punctuated letters because the brain fills in what is missing to make it make sense. I think you are just taking out some problem of your own on an innocent person. Just like a murderer.

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