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Christopher and Lisa Zaharias: Children missing since 1987 from Santa Ana


Christopher and Lisa Zaharias have been missing since Nov. 20, 1987 from Santa Ana, Calif.

Authorities believe they were abducted by their mother Susan Zaharias and kept hidden by the mother’s family.

A warrant for Susan’s arrest was issued on Feb. 17, 1988, but she has never been located.  Susan would be 55 years old today.

Christopher Louis would be 30 and Lisa Mae would be 28.

UPDATE 2016:  Recently an obituary for the maternal grandmother of Chris and Lisa was posted in the Hughes County Times.  In the obituary it names Chris and Lisa as two of seven surviving grandchildren of Norma Jean (Dodson) Gammill who passed away in Feb. 2016.  Does this indicate that the family is still hopeful that Chris and Lisa are still alive or do they know that Chris and Lisa are alive.  There are rumors that Chris and Lisa’s mother, Susan was seen at the funeral for her mother.


Christopher and Susan could have been raised under another name and not even be aware that they have a father that has been searching for them for 27 years.  They also could have been told their father is dead or didn’t want them.  They may also think that someone else is their biological father.

Please think back in your memory see if you remember possibly playing with these two children as a child or maybe seeing them during summer vacation and played with them.  Maybe looking at the photos and it stirs some memory of actually meeting them years ago when you were small.  If you think you might have some information, no matter how small, please leave a tip here or go to the Zaharias Facebook page where there is many more photos for you to look at.

And if you happen to think you may be Christopher or Lisa, please do the research on your father to learn more about what happened.  There is mounds of evidence and stories about how he has been searching for you and has never stopped searching for you, like this LA Times story.

There are several possibilities where Susan and/or Chris and Lisa could be, Wetumka, Ok, Greensburg, PA, Chino, Ca,  Foothills Ranch, Ca, or Riverside, Ca.

If you have any information you can leave an anonymous tip here.

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  1. Just because people say you're guilty doesn't make it so. I know from experience. Law enforcement and all the others that get involved don't have a clue what's going on in a family's life. And who are law enforcement to judge you? I dated an ex Sheriff a couple of years ago and he told me most law enforcement have mental health issues. If anyone wants this guys name just ask me. Talk about mentally ill!

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