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Hayden Powell: 11-year-old abducted by mother, warrant issued Found

UPDATE 3/8/15 –  On Find Hayden Powell Facebook page, “Hayden was located and he has been reunited with his Dad. We appreciate all of the sharing, prayers and words of encouragement.”

Hayden Powell, 11, has been missing since Jan. 14, 2015 from Boaz, Alabama.  He may be traveling in a 1992 black jeep Wrangler with a soft top and AZ license plate A22 5355 with Gena Powell from Maricopa County.  They may have a small black Havanees dog named Leo with them.

Gena has a warrant for her arrest from Maricopa County as well as a warrant to remove Hayden from her.

If you see them please call the Chandler Police Dept. at 480-782-4200.

Posted by Hayden’s father:  “I have still not had any contact with Hayden or his
mother although I continue to try every night. I haven’t spoken to Hayden in over 2 weeks. Hayden has now missed nearly 50 days of school this year because of his mother’s decisions. I miss my son. His siblings are missing him terribly. I pray he will be home soon. I am remembering all of the fun things we did together as a family last Fall. Thank you for your continued prayers and support and for sharing this page.”

3 thoughts on “Hayden Powell: 11-year-old abducted by mother, warrant issued Found

  1. Sounds like a big con job. Police usually believe the father especially if he is a great liar. Maybe the mother knows something about the father no one else knows?? I know this from experience. The mother is 99 percent of the time closet to the kids. After all, she had them!

  2. And yes, sometimes the MOTHER is to blame. Just because they gave birth, does not mean they are innocent. Look at Sabrina Fair Allen. They fully investigated Greg and found NO evidence of ANY abuse. Sabrina even told family members her mom told her to say some things before she was abducted. So with that saying, even if mothers are the closest to the kids, it's not always a good thing. One of my close friends was taken by her mom, who's boyfriend was abusing her- and the mom told the police her daughter was being abused by the father. My friend ended up living the majority of her life with her father and was extremely happy about it. Her mom has jumped boyfriend to boyfriend and has never been a solid, consistent part of her life.

  3. I have been married to Hayden's father for the past 7 years and I can personally assure you there is NO abuse in our home, although sadly, I know that it happens. The custody decision from the Judge was based entirely on evidence. Hayden's mother is mentally unstable and has a history of mental illness. She is unable to even take care of herself and bounces around from place to place. Hayden has autism and needs structure and stability. There is currently a FELONY criminal arrest warrant for Gena and both she and Hayden have been entered into NCIC. He has now missed 75 days of school this year, all of his needed therapies and his family and siblings in Arizona. Hayden needs to be home with the love and support he needs. Please call 911 if you seen them and please help share his FB page,

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