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Renee LaManna: Woman missing from Queens since 1995

UPDATE:  2/3/16 – Ruth Collins contacted Margaret, Rene’s sister, to tell her that she saw a woman that looked like Renee a while back.  She told her that she had bought her clothes and food and she resemble Renee.  Later the same woman was seen in Walmart and a photo was taken and sent to Margaret.  That photo has been shared all over social media but now it seems that that woman in the blue coat and glasses is not Rene.  Today Margaret found out that the woman in the photo had been found and she is not Renee. Fingerprint identification and DNA swab was done to verify the findings, per PIX11 news. story:  Renee LaManna was 35-years-old when she went missing from Queens, New York.  She went missing in 1994 but was last seen on Chambers Street Subway in lower Manhattan on December 1995.  

She has dark brown hair, brown eyes and a keloid scar, which is an extra growth of scar tissue, near her elbow crease and she has a widows peak hairline.  She is considered endangered missing.  She suffers with depression and anxiety disorder which causes panic attacks and paranoia.  Renee is multilingual and has a Master degree and she may be using a different name.  The family believes she may have sought refuge with a family in New York. 

Renee LaManna has been seen twice since her disappearance. May 1995 in Northfield NJ and December 1995 – In lower Manhattan Chambers Street subway. These were confirmed by family who met several times with those who saw Renee. The police do not admit to these sightings because they did not follow up on the sightings. The family did. Renee was wearing the same outfit in both sightings.”


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