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Cristian Antonio Zamora: Missing University of Illinois grad Found

UPDATE March 2015:  Chris’ body has been found under ice in Urbana’s Crystal Lake Park

“We don’t know yet, we think that he probably slipped and fell,” said Jeannie Douglas, Zamora’s aunt. “But we don’t know yet.”

Original story:  Chris Zamora, 23, from Champaign, Illinois has been missing since Dec 31, 2014.  He was last seen by friends near the intersection of Fourth St. at John St. walking towards a neighborhood grocery store.  He was wearing a coat over a heavy sweater and a beanie hat.

Chris is a 2014 University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign college graduate and works part-time at Jimmy Johns.

Vicente Mundo, a University of Illinois student went missing on Sunday.  

Height: 5’10
Weight: 150 – 165 lbs
Eyes: Brown (sometimes wears blue/gray contacts)
Hair: Black
Tattoos: 2 (one on lower stomach with “WRATH” and one on left ribcage with “PBM”)
Piercings: Has ear and eyebrow piercings

Champaign police has been notified and are currently searching. Any information please reach out to Champaign police at 217-351-4545.

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