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John Fitzpatrick 79 yrs old Missing Redding CA Found


At 4:00 p.m. on the January February 4th, California Highway Patrol located Mr John Charles Fitzpatrick, in his vehicle, in Humboldt County. John was in good health did not need any medical attention.

On February 04, 2015, John Fitzpatrick left, his home for a usual drive. John stated that he was going to Eureka CA.

John Fitzpatrick At 10:45 a.m. John had asked a acquaintance for directions in Weaverville. John is driving a 2014 BMW with Cal Plate # 7ESH763



The family would extend thanks and appreciation for concerns and prayers and for the great work of the Highway Patrol and Local Sheriff and Police.


John is
6 feet 3 inches at 165lbs
Grey Hair Brown Eyes
Born July 07, 1935
Please Contact:
Redding Police Department Investigations Division
At 530-225-4214


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