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Leah Williams: Woman needs help finding her way home

Leah Michelle Williams
UPDATE 1/25/17 –  Leah was recently seen sleeping in a park in Santa Barbara, Calif.  She was just released from jail and apparently has nowhere to go.  Her family is still searching for her and miss her, they want her to know, “Leah has a home and loved ones that miss her dearly.”  They hope that one day Leah may go to the public library and type in her name and realize where and who she is and contact them. 

Original story:  “Can anyone help find Leah, so that we can bring her home safe and sound?” asks her family.

Leah Williams, 42, is one of the many homeless that is roaming and probably is not aware that her family is searching for her, because of her bipolar condition.

Leah Williams was last seen on Feb.1st in Santa Barbara, Ca. She is considered a transient and is most likely living in a shelter or out on the streets of Santa Barbara.
Leah is 5’8″ and 200 lbs. with  brown hair and may be wearing glasses.  Leah needs medical attention.

Leah does have a cell phone but she has not paid the bill so it is turned off.

Before that time, Leah Michelle Williams was arrested on Dec, 22nd in Huntsville, Al. for refusing to leave a convenient store.

Leah is bipolar and may be in her “manic” state.  Leah was released the next day and spent three nights at the Salvation Army shelter.  Her family was able to track her down, but by then it was too late, as she was gone.

Leah has a home  in Huntsville, Al. but may feel lost or unwanted because of her bipolar condition, but her family is desperately trying to locate her so they can bring her home.

“If someone were to see Leah they may be able to let Leah use their phone because she knows the number,” said her family.

Leah does get a small amount of money each month, and she will get shelter and food until the money runs out and then will spend the rest of the month trying to find a place to sleep at night and food.

If you see Leah, please take a photo if you can, but if you can’t just send a message by email or call MPofA and let us know you have seen her and where.  You can also remain anonymous if you wish.

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