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Jin Junge: Family searches for missing loved one that may be in Colorado FOUND


UPDATE: Jin “Benny” Junge was found dead in the car retrieved Thursday afternoon from Sullivan’s Gulch, off Red Mountain Pass on Feb. 19.

.UPDATE 2/18/15 – A car that has been found at the bottom of a ravine near Red Mountain Pass, may belong to Jin Junge.  The vehicle is white, and Jin was driving a white Cadillac Escalade when he went missing.  The vehicle left the highway at mile marker 89 which is two miles south of Ouray.

THEN, late Wed. night the Find Me – Jin Junge page announced that law enforcement had called them to tell them they had found Jim Junge.

Confirmation is still pending.

Original story:   Please consider “liking” the Find me – Jin Junge Facebook page.  His story by his family is below:

“This is our loved one Jin Junge, he is missing in the state of Colorado USA. Due to a phone call made from him to his brother in Denmark, we have reason to believe that he is dead by his own hand.

The last place he was, that we are a 100% sure of, is Durango, CO, Feb 4th. Were he used his credit card, but in the phone call to his brother, indications were made that he was in the town of Ouray CO.

We have talked Ouray Sheriffs department, and they have looked in the mountains, 30-45 min drive from the town, and have of yet, not found anything. They have also put out a state wide BOLO, (Be On Look Out) on him and the vehicle he is driving.

Hertz in L.A. CA, LAX Airport has been so kind to forward the license and VIN No. of his car. Our hope is that when his rental period is up, and the vehicle is not returned, that they will report it stolen, and maybe then the case will be federal, since he has crossed state borders, but we are not sure how to work that angle yet.

We have other information, that may indicate he is trying to do a “Reset” so to say. These information will be handed over to the appropriate agencies, so they maybe can start an investigation that way.

The Danish State Department have informed the General consulate in New York and the consul in Denver CO. That is what they can do at the moment.

Name: Jin Benny Junge
DOB: 26 Years Physical: Approx 180 cm (5″11´)
Approx 85 kgs (187 pds)
Athletic build, muscular. Broad shoulders.
Vehicle: Cadillac Escalade, White
License: 7DCC 835 – California Plates
VIN No: 1GYS4MKJ4FR521179

“Personal: Jin is a former Army Recon Sargent and trained in winter survival and survival of the land. He is proficient with almost any type rifle or hand gun and is very adept in martial arts. He is also a former bouncer.

There is no reason to think that he is a danger to anyone, other than maybe himself.
Due to old injuries, he will be in need of pain medication, but he can go without if needed be.

He is a good natured man with a big heart, he will by all accounts, stand up for injustice, if he a witness to it. He is generous and helpful. What can you do?

You can spread the word, and this group, it´s public, and hopefully we will reach good people in the states, that may look for him on their way to work, the football game etc. and give the local police a shout if they spot him.

We will respect his wishes, should he want to be left alone to start a new life, we have accepted his choice, should he have taken his own life. We just need to know.

So to all, please help, and don´t say “But what can i do? i don´t know anyone there…” You will be surprised, because every little share, like and notice, will bring us one step closer to finding our loved one.  On behalf of the family, thank you so much.
Nicolaj Groth”

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