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Dan Nerstrom: Missing Veteran with PTS may be in Wichita Found

UPDATE:  3/14/15 – A body lying along the Metra tracks east of the downtown Libertyville station on Friday was identified as Daniel Nerstrom,  according to a statement from Libertyville police.

Original story: I started a new Facebook page called, Missing Homeless in America, on Wednesday, and this is why.

A few weeks back (forgive me for not realizing this sooner) I began to understand that many homeless are also missing, after Derick Higging’s was located in San Diego after missing for a year, following a car accident.  When he was reunited with his family, it was then they found out that he was missing because he didn’t know he had a family.

Next, I remembered Kathleen Rusnak’s story about her missing son, Jason DeAlba that was last known to be in San Diego.  He is off his medication and may not realize that his mother is searching for him.

I began going over the Missing Persons of America website looking for more examples of this and found many.  I realized there are a lot of missing that are homeless, whether it is because they suffered an accident, are suffering a manic episode or just don’t think that their family is looking for them or remembers them.  And you must know that these people are not being searched for by police, even if there is a missing person report on them, because they are adults.  It is usually not until they are picked up for some minor crime, and the authorities run their name in the NCIC database they find out that the person has been reported missing.

Today, I read another example of a Veteran that was with his family one day and the next he is missing and is probably on the streets.  CBS Chicago posted a story about Kim and Doug Nerstrom that traveled from Libertyville, Illinois to Wichita, Kansas in hopes of locating their missing son, Dan, who is veteran suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress.  He has not been seen since Dec. 1, 2014.

“The Army changed him.  I said to my husband when he left for Iraq, I said, If our child comes home alive, how screwed up will he be?’ Well, on Dec. 1, I got my answer,” Nerstrom told CBS Chicago News.

Hopefully, the Nerstrom’s find their son in Wichita, but can use all eyes out there looking for him.  Please if you are in the area keep a look out for him and if you do see any homeless, take their photo and share it on the Missing Homeless in America Facebook page.  If it is not Dan, it may be another of our soldiers in need of their family.


Bring Home Dan Nerstrom Facebook Page

“Again, people of Wichita, KS please keep eyes out! Please take my number 847-922-5169 this is his girlfriend Amanda, if you see him or have any information call or text me ASAP, if I don’t answer your call please leave me a voice mail, as it seems my phone is giving me trouble. Thank you for all your support! Again, Dan is 6’1 and was about 200lbs when he left on December 1st.”

Missing Persons of America Facebook Page
Missing Homeless in America Facebook Pageplease check out the photos on this page now and see if you recognize anyone.  AND please post photos of the missing that you see every day and post it on this page and help us, help family’s reunite.
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