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A “letter” from a Missing Person: David V. Neily

David V. Neily & Lisa M. Hodanish

My dad would always send me a Valentine’s card. I really miss getting them. I thought this was an appropriate post for today.

Dear Lisa,

I’ve been missing since 2006 from a property in Westport, CA. Why isn’t any body looking for me?

Is it because I’m old and my life is half over?

Is it because I’m bi-polar? I thought that means I’m Endangered Missing Adult?

Is it because I’ve been labeled a “transient”?

Why are only high profile cases in the media, especially TV?

Why aren’t the Sheriffs pursuing all leads that were given by you and your brother Ryan?

I never got to meet my new Grandchildren Landon & Lillian. Thank you for giving Landon his middle name after me. I never knew you were pregnant before something bad happened to me. I’m so sorry.

My cars & dog Justice were found on Denoyer’s property. That is probable cause for another search especially since the property has a new owner.

Why haven’t the Sheriffs given you a list of my belongings that were found in my cars?

Have they found my friend Donald “JC” Cavanaugh, Denoyer’s Uncle? He went missing under similar circumstances as I, but in 2005.

How come the Sheriffs aren’t answering your questions?

This isn’t right. Our family should not have to go through this. I want you to have closure. The Sheriffs are supposed to be on our side to help find me.

Love always, Dad

Facebook page for David V. Neily

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