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Wyatt Brent: Teen missing from Marin County may be going to San Francisco or Los Angeles Found

UPDATE:  Just got a Twitter message that Wyatt has been found in Utah.

  2h2 hours ago

Happy 4 Brent family that son Wyatt has been found in Utah after 14 days! Thnx twitter pals 4 RTs!

Original Story:  Wyatt Brent, 16, has been missing from his home in Marin County, Calif. since Feb. 10, 2015.  It is believed he may be heading to the San Francisco/Bay area or Los Angeles.  

He is interested in Juggalo. Juggalo’s are fans of the group Insane Clown Posse or any other Psychopathic Records hip hop group, and also attend annual festivals. His loving family is utterly devastated and deeply concerned for his safety and well-being. Any information about his intent and/or whereabouts is vital.  His family, friends and community are desperately searching for him and want him home safely as soon as possible.

 Wyatt Brent
16 years old

Blue eyes / brown hair
Braces on teeth
165 lbs

If you have seen or heard anything about Wyatt, we urge you to contact: 

If you would like to leave an anonymous tip you can do so here.  

Thanks for sharing and keeping an eye out for Wyatt. 

5 thoughts on “Wyatt Brent: Teen missing from Marin County may be going to San Francisco or Los Angeles Found

  1. We saw someone in Hermosa Beach this afternoon that looked similiar to this picture, although definitely not 100% sure. We watched them get in the car and followed them through streets, where they eventually turned down a dead end and u-turned, losing us in the process. Not sure if they were trying to shake us, or if it was a legit wrong turn, or if they were just creeped out a car was following them. Just in case, I snapped a pic of the license plate. Older red Ford Bronco with an open top, (like a jeep) CA License Plate 2XCS004. There were 2 young guys together; the other was the driver wearing a backwards hat and tank top. I think he had blondish hair, but not positive. Looked young as well, but closer to 19 or 20 I'd say. We were eating at Unami burger on Hermosa Ave, 1pm Feb 20.

  2. His poster is still on NCMEC…has he been located for sure or not? If so info needs removed form NCMEC , thank you

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