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Kristy Jean Rogers: Teen went missing from Crestview in 1997

Kristy Jean Rogers, 16, from Crestview, Fla.  has been missing since August 2, 1997.  Kristy told her family that she was spending the night at her friends home, but actually went to her boyfriend, Mack Cawthon’s home.

Mack said that Kristy left his house to go home around 5 a.m., which was less than one mile away, but she never arrived. 

In Feb. 1998, a bag that had Kristy’s clothing in it was found behind the Crestview Plaza Shopping Center in the woods.  The police had searched that area with dogs shortly after Kristy went missing and it was not found at the time.  They believe it was dumped there after they searched. 

Then in 1999, female remains were found in a Boynton Beach canal and the police stated it was Kristy in 2001.  A week later they announced they had made a mistake oin the dental records and it was not her.

In 2015, the authorities are attempting to bring Kristy’s case to the public in hopes that someone will give them a tip.    Kristy would be 34-years-old today.

There has been no suspects named in her disappearance.

 If you have any information about her disappearance please call the Crestview Police Dept. at 850-682-2055 or leave an anonymous tip here.

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