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Carol Ann Cole: Bossier Doe are a match

Composite of Bossier Doe on the left and Carol Cole on the right.

UPDATE:  3/6/15 – Bossier Doe has been positively identified to be Carol Ann Cole.

Police are calling one of the hunters, John Chesson who found Bossier Doe’s body as a person of interest.  He is now in jail after stabbing her wife’s mother in law in 1997.  

There may be a match in the Bossier Doe case.  Bossier Doe was found in Bossier Parish, La. on Jan. 28, 1981.  She had been stabbed to death.

When the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office put up a composite drawing of Bossier Doe on Facebook, Jeanie Phelps saw the picture and thought it looked a lot like her sister, Carol Ann Cole from Kalamazoo, Michigan that went missing 30 years-ago.

DNA has been taken from the family  and they are waiting fro the results.

There is also a possibility that Bossier Doe may be a former student at New Bethany Home for Girls, a boarding school that operated between 1971 to 2001 and was closed down after a year-long investigation.

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