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Justice Rees: Newborn kidnapped from Sacramento, mother found disoriented Found

UPDATE 3/1/15 – Mother has been arrested for the murder of Justice.

UPDATE:  2/25/15 – The body of missing Justice was found on the shores of a remote slough in Yolo County.  Authorities are trying to get to the bottom of what happened.In an interview with the Sacramento Bee, the police chief said “it’s too early to tell if there was foul play.”

Is this a case of post-partum depression or kidnapping?

Original story:  The Marin County Sheriff’s Department are looking for a new born baby that the mother said was kidnapped.

Samantha Green,  23-year-old mother of the baby, Justice Rees told police that she and her baby were kidnapped on Monday.  She was heard calling for help along a lough west of Knights Landing in Yolo County on Tuesday, which is located near the Sacramento River. 

The police said she was disoriented and hysterical as she told them her story.  She also had injuries and was taking to the hospital, said Woodland Police Capt. Dale Johnson.

The police do not know why Green was in Knight’s Landing as she does not live there and has no known links to the town.  She does have family in Woodland which is about 10 miles away. 

The police have been searching the area for the baby whose age has been said to be 14-217 days old, but have found nothing as of yet.

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