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Christopher Sylvia: Missing hiker in San Diego

UPDATE 3/2/15 –  Mary Litch was hiking the Pacifc Crest Trail when she found a pair of hiking sandals and an empty package of freeze-dried stew near Tule Spring.

“One of the shoes had an empty package of beef stew that had been folded up and then tucked inside of one of the shoes,” Litch told CBS News 8.
No word yet if they belong to Sylvia or not. 

UPDATE:  2/27/15 – There were lots of searchers and dogs looking for Christopher today.  Because of a storm coming in Friday night they had to call off the search for him, but will be back to look for him again on Monday.

Original story:Christopher Sylvia, 28, has been missing while hiking in Anza, Calif. near Highway 74 on Feb. 16, and the SDCSD decided to released a public bulletin on Wednesday.

Christopher told a friend to meet him at Warner Springs on the 17th but Christopher never showed up. His backpacking gear and belongings were found near where he was to meet his friend.  And that is where they started their search and then panned out.  Chris may have left his gear there and then went higher up the peak to try and make a phone call or to look around.  Whatever the reason he never returned back to his gear.

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