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William Tyrrell: Missing 3-year-old Australian boy

UPDATE 8/23/16 –  The police are talking with Kim Loweke about the disappearance of Williams.  They stated she came to their attention when Kim and William’s grandmother, Natalie Collins applied for a 3-bedroom home in Sydney.   But they were no more specific than that why that would be something curious. 

Kim is Natalie’s best friend and she is also knows Tony Jones and William Spedding.  Authorities have also noted that Kim also owns a silver Holden VX Commodore, which looks similar to the description of one of the cars that was parked on the street near the grandmother’s home. at the time William went missing.

UPDATE:  9/26/15 – On Sept. 16, authorities confiscated a white station wagon that was similar to one seen parked outside the grandmother’s home at the time William went missing.

The vehicle belongs to Tony Jones who was charged on Friday for assaulting a minor and is linked to a pedophile ring called Grandparents As Parents Again (GAPA).  Although a seemingly sweet sounding name, police believe it is actually a cover name for a much more sinister idea.

Also, it appears as though Tony Jones is also a former neighbor of Bill Spedding who is a person of interest in the disappearance of William.

The police towed the car away and it will be gone over to look for any clues to William’s disappearance.

William went missing on Sept. 12, 2014.

UPDATE 9/7/15 –  New evidence is revealed and parents of Little Spiderman speak publicly after a year.

60 Minutes interviewed the parents of missing William Tyrrell, the 3-year-old Australian boy that has been missing for a year and Det. Gary Jubelin.

If you are not familiar with the story, William was at his grandmother’s house in Kendall with his little sister playing when he went missing (scoll up to bottom of the page to read the first entry of this story).

Wiliam’s parents spoke with 60 Minutes, but their faces were obscured.

Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin who has tirelessly been looking for William since the beginning stated he has ruled out that the family is involved with WIlliams disappearance.

The story goes that William, his older sister and his mom went to explore the massive yard of “Nana’s, which is William’s grandmother, Natalie Collins.”

William’s mom sat on the porch and talked with her mom, Nana while watching the children play.  She saw William playing on the grass and then going to the right side of the house near some low bushes.  Although she could not see him anymore she could hear him playing and “roaring” like a tiger.

That’s was the last sound I heard from him, then it was silence, he just vanished.”

“I couldn’t see  him I couldn’t hear him It was like the world came to a screaming halt there was not wind there was no bird, there was nothing,” said William’s mother. ” was thinking, where are you, then I said, where are you I can’t see you, where are you?

Det. Jubelin didn’t believe William headed towards the forest area where his mother and him went earlier but down the grassy slope.  Directly across that road is the Kendall State Forest, about 35km south of Port Macquarie.

Wiliiam’s father returns from errands and neighbors began to show up to help in the search.  They covered the property calling his name and no answer and after about 15 minutes William’s mom calls the police. 

By the end of the day 200 police and searchers began looking for William.  He was not found in the woods, in the water nor any drains.

During the interview, 60 Minutes journalist Michael Usher becomes visible upset listening to William’s mother’s story when she spoke of how the police told them to return to their home in Sidney and how they packed his belongings and returned home with his things, but not him.

“We’ve got everything he played with and loved, but we don’t have him,” says William’s mom.

Det. Jubelin says that 1000s have been spoken to regarding Williams’ disappearance.  Although Jubelin would not identify anyone specifically, Usher did ask him about William Spedding.  His house has been searched, including his septic tank drained and back yard dug up.  A child’s shirt was found in the drain but was not identified as belonging to William.

Det. Jubeliin’s theory does not think that anyone ran up to the property to take William,  he thinks that William was actually down to the runway thinking his dad was returning home and the car was not dad but someone who took William.

Det. Jubelin thinks the Spiderman helped the person to get William to talk with him by addressing him as Spiderman, as he saw him walking down the driveway.

Red dot is Nana’s house and to the right is the driveway.

For the first time, it is revealed that William’s mom saw two cars parked end to end with the driver’s windows down.  They were a white station wagon and an older grey medium size car parked directly across from Nana’s house.  Det. Jubelin states it’s suspicious because it is not logical the cars would be parked alongside the road when there were driveways for all the houses, it was a dead end street and there was an open area for cars to park off the road, too.  One car would be unusual,  but two is suspicious.  They are also looking for a 4-wheel drive vehicle that was speeding down the street the same time William disappeared.  

William’s parents believe without a doubt that someone knows what happened to William, and probably knows who did it but is refusing to say. Although they did not name anyone, I suspect they were referring to Bill Spedding’s wife, Margaret.

Det. Jubelin does not say anything about the photo that has circulated the web showing a man in India holding a sleep child that looks a lot like William (Scroll up to see that story and photo).  Although he did state in the interview that they did have a lead recently that gave him goosebumps but it proved to be not William.

Det. Jubelin states that they are still accepting any tips and if you know of anyone that keeps talking excessively about William they would like to know about that, too.

The one thing that keeps coming up for me is this, according to William’s mom, the children did not know about this impromptu visit to Nana’s house.  So, why would there be any cars on Benaroon Dr. parked outside the home looking at the house if no one was expecting the family to show up for a visit?  Was there someone, a friend or a relative that knew that the family was taking a 4-hour drive to visit Nana?  Did Nana tell Spedding her grandchildren were coming to visit?  If the parent’s or grandmother did tell anyone the family was coming to visit, they would be a good person for the police to be talking to.  

UPDATE 7/16/15 – The remains of a child found in a suitcase found by the side of the road has been found.  Forensics are being done and the gender is not known at this time.  Just the day before a spiderman costume like the one that William was wearing was found at a thrift store and police have it in their possession at this time.  

Police are leaning towards that it is “less likely” the remains of William, probably based on the suitcase that shows lots of exposure to the elements.

UPDATE:  6/11/15News Corp is reporting that a Spiderman doll was found in the work van belonging to Spedding.  When questioned about the doll, his wife Margaret told police it was gifted to him by a four-year-old child ‘to keep him company when he was driving’, according to the Daily Telegraph.

“We’ve uncovered and received information that leads us to a line of people we suspect of being involved in paedophile activity,” Detective Inspector Jubelin said.

UPDATE:  6/2/15 – The case of William Tyrrell is well known in Australia, just like the Kyron Horman case is here in the U.S.

William was playing with his sister in front of their house when he went missing on Sept. 2014.  The latest belief is that he has been taken and police have branched out their search from Australia to other countries.  

Like most missing children cases after a few months the case goes quiet and although police are still pursuing the case there was not much to go on until this one photo taken by Vinod Dhiman who works as an asst. manager at GULF Agency Company was posted on his Facebook page.  

The post reads:  “Seen a person traveling in the local train at Harsar Dehri (HP) with an whitish child sleeping in his hand, I notice that the child sleeping due to any drug dose. I am sure he is not his own child, possibly that person may involved in human trafficking. Pls share the post, may be your post get close his original parents.”

Looking over Dhiman’s page you will find many pictures of children that are missing from India.  

The photo that Dhiman posted has been shared over 328,000 times was reported to the police by Dhiman.   

Some are saying it looks as though the face is a bit blurred and it may be photoshopped but I actually believe that this has been “sharpened.”  I have tried to lighten, sharpened and decreased noise on a photo on my cell phone before and it does this type of affect where it smooths out skin and clothing.  

It wasn’t long before comparison of this boy’s photo were made to William Tyrrell.  Katrina Coogan sent me this comparison photo:

She even admits that it is hard to compare a side photo to a full face photo, but she points out the ears as a reference.  I noticed that the India boy’s nose seems to turn up a bit, like a snub nose, which would compare to William’s nose.  

This was posted on William’s Facebook page:

Interpol knows about the photo as well as William’s parents.  Australian Police can not do much at this point and can only wait for the police in India to investigate.  

Also, Police keep repeating that the Bill Spedding case has nothing to do with William’s case, but we all can’t help but wonder if it may, especially after seeing the photo of the boy on the train that many believe was abducted by a pedophile group.  Everyone is waiting to hear if it is William or not. 

What do you think?  Could it be William?

Peter Scully is not in jail and will likely never be released

 Peter Gerard Scully, 52, was Australia’s worst pedophile was caught in the Philippines in March 2015, where he was running a global pedophile ring.  He distributed videos for payment online.  Allegedly Scully would live-stream videos of children being tortured and sexually abused in exchange for money from his global client list.  He was also charged for human trafficking , torturing and sexually abusing children as young as 18-months-old and the murder of a 12-year-old girl.  The children came from the UK, Germany and the United States. 

Also, I have to bring up the case of the two children from Greece.   Their photos were all over the internet and many thought it was two separate cases of abduction, but in the end they were not.  You can read the story here.  Is this a missing child being held by a gypsy? and DNA shows Maria from Greece not living with parents 

UPDATE 4/25/15 –   Bill Spedding, 63, of Bonny Hills a washing machine repair man has been a person of interest in the case early on as William’s grandmother said she was expecting him to come by that day.  But, Spedding said he didn’t call her and he was hoping she wouldn’t call him because he wanted to go to a game with his grandchildren.

Bill Spedding

Then on April 23, 2015 the police showed up at his door to arrest him for sexual assault in Sydney of two girls in 1987.  Evidently the police state he raped a six and three year old and then hit the three year old when she screamed for help.  He was questioned about this in 1987, but he was never arrested. 

Also, the police said they believe Spedding is linked to a pedophile ring according to documents given to the Port Macquarie Court.

Also, the police have released information that there is believed to have been a group of people suspected of pedophile activity in the area the time William went missing.  We can only guess if the police are thinking that Spedding took the boy and passed him to the pedophile ring.  But, there is a long time between 1987 and 2015 and so far no other information has surfaced that states Spedding has been questioned about any other sexual misconduct.  But, if he was involved with a pedophile group he may have been able to hide it.

Original story:

You may not have heard of 3-year-old William Tyrrell, as he was last seen at his grandmother’s home in Kendall on the NSW north coast of Australia in September 12, 2014, but this week the investigation has moved to the U.S. as authorities believe he may have been abducted, said the Daily Mail.

“This is not a child that wandered off.  We think there’s been human intervention,” the NSW Police Inspector Gary Jubelin told The Australian.
Even though the authorities have asked the public all over the world to keep an eye out for William they are are going to go back to the area where William was last seen playing with his younger sister in the yard while they were visiting at their grandmother’s home with their mother from Sydney.
‘If you were in the area and did not come forward, we would have grave concerns and a certain amount of suspicion would be attached,” said Jubelin.
Because William was only alone a few moments and police find it more than a coincidence that he went missing during that time frame and theorize that someone had been watching the house for several weeks. 
‘It’s a huge coincidence that you have a situation where a young boy has been unsupervised, only for a very short moment, and someone has come into contact with him at the time,’ he told AAP. 
The photograph of a man with his arms folded taken by local searcher shortly after William went missing, wasn’t  brought to the detective’s attention till 5 months later.  The searcher said she decided to speak out about it after William still had not been found and the photo of that particular person kept bothering her.  Authorities have not commented on it.  

This case reminds me of the types of cases that Ty Rittter or Project Child Safe works on.  Back in 2011, I watched an episode of “Kidnap and Rescue.” In this episode it showed kidnappers, watching a mother and her child, called Jenny, on the front lawn of their home in Huntington Beach, California.  The kidnappers made a phone call to the home, and as the mother went inside to answer the phone, another kidnapper, posing as a mother, lured the little girl closer to the fence by asking her if she wanted to see her baby in the stroller.  When she came closer, the woman puts a handkerchief over Jenny’s face and drugs her.  Suddenly, another kidnapper rushes up and grabs Jenny and puts her in the back of the SUV and drives off.  In minutes, Jenny is gone.

“A blond, blue-eyed child sold on today’s market has, in some cases, reached six figures,” said Ty.

I have to confess that I had no idea that kidnapping of America children by foreign countries was actually going on.  Was there really people out there, coming to the U.S. and stealing our children?  Yes, there were, and we have to consider that it is happening elsewhere and this may be what happened to William.

Law enforcement is limited to what they can do, and many missing person cases, that may have to do with human trafficking, just go cold.  Law enforcement can’t get past compliance issues or jurisdictional boundaries, and are stuck in limbo.  

Interpol, the world’s largest international policed organization, is one organization that is able to gather information about human trafficking and pass this information on to private organizations, like Project Child Save.
Below is a clip from the show.  Be warned that it is rough to watch, as it is so realistic, but worth it to hear Ty talk about Jenny’s rescue. (please note that there are 4 videos that will play back to back with a brief pause)

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