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Anthony Sosa: 11-year-old missing from Texas Found

UPDATE:  3/7/15 –  KSAT News talked with Anthony Sosa and found out that he had hid underneath a neighbor’s house where the skirting was torn.  He was laying next to a heating duct so he punched a hole into it so the warmth would keep him warm. 

Anthony said he left so he could get over being mad, but ended up staying put even though he wanted to go home. 

“I was just waiting and waiting and waiting because I was so scared,” Anthony said. 

When he heard  people looking for him he realize he should not have done that, and came out of his hiding spot to a volunteer that was looking for him. 

Anthony, who seems wiser than his years said he was going to share the story of what he did to his children, but he was going to tell them not to do what he did.

UPDATE:  3/6/15 – Anthony was located still wearing his pajamas.  No word where he was.

UPDATE:  Media has shown up at the house and Anthony is still missing.

Anthony Sosa, 11, is missing from Hillbrook Road in Schertz, Texas.  Anthony was seen around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday morning His mother called police because she believes he ran away.

He was wearing green pajamas with dinosaurs on them and no shoes or jacket.

“I just want my son back,Martin Sosa, Anthony’s father told KSAT news. “If anybody’s seen him, just let me know and bring him back safe. Please.”
Sosa had run away before, his father said, but he had never been gone this long. In the past, Martin Sosa said his son was found at a local park.
“He’s been in Crescent Bend Park. I found him there at the bird watch station,” said Martin Sosa. “But we’ve been there. We’ve searched and searched and nothing’s come up yet.”

The Schertz Police, Fire, EMS, Marshals, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and the San Antonio Police Department, including K-9 Units, and Texas Game Wardens.  They want to find Anthony before nightfall because of now cold it will be, so they are using every law enforcement personnel they can to find him.  

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