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Angelica AJ Hadsell: Virginia University student missing Found

AJ Hadsell

November 20, 2018

Wesley Hadsell was indicted Monday by a Southampton County grand jury, Norfolk police said in a statement. He’s charged with first-degree murder, second-degree felony murder and felony concealment of a dead body.

wesley hadsell

Please note this story runs in reverse chronological order.  Go to the bottom of the page to find Original Story to start there and read up.

August 17, 2018 – Court documents have revealed that GPS data from Wesley Hadsell’s van led homicide detectives  to his stepdaughter’s body.

AJ Hadsell


June 25, 2018 -Wesley Hadsell has been found not guilty on charges that stem from the abduction and rape of his ex-wife in Deleware County, Ohio, 13 years ago.

UPDATE 6/27/15 –  According to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, AJ died of Acute Heroin Poisoning.

UPDATE:  4/27/15 –  The mother of AJ, Jennifer Hadsell has been arrested.  She is charged with buying alcohol for a minor.  Zach Hoffer, who is Jennifer’s ex-husband was the one that filed the charges.

“All I can say is I am doing this to protect my daughters and would not have done it if I didn’t strongly feel their well being has been compromised,” said Hoffer.   Hoffer shares custody of Jennifer and their two daughters.

UPDATE 4/10/15 – Remains have been positively identified as AJ’s.

UPDATE:  4/9/15 –  Human remains have been found in a search for “AJ,” according to police in Norfolk, Virginia.  The remains found in the 34000 block of Smiths Ferry Road in Southampton County in Southampton County and they have been sent to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office to be identified and to determine the cause of death, police said.

The property owner lives out of state.

According to News Channel 3,  the authorities “were alerted to the location in Southampton County sometime Thursday morning. Neighbors say the home has been abandoned for about two years and that no one had been seen at the home until about three or four weeks ago. It was then that a neighbor’s friend saw a blue or black Dodge Caravan go into the driveway late at night and drive around to the back of the home with no lights on.”

Wendy Stokes, Wesley’s sister told WGNT news that Wesley has been calling her from jail almost every day and she says “in those conversations, red flags popped up. She says his story kept changing and that he asked her to put up a GoFundMe page for him, wanting money for his support rather than to find AJ. ‘It’s a support page. He was wanting more people on the support page than the AJ page. I don’t understand it.’ Stokes added.”

UPDATE:  4/8/15 – Wesley Hadsell is now facing a misdemeanor charge of maiming or killing an animal.

UPDATE 4/4/15 –  Information from citizen, Steven Hines who lives in Isle of Wight who talked with ABC 13 said a detective showed him a picture of a white commercial van and asked him if he had seen the van before.  He said he told them he had seen it drive throughout the area twice about a week and a half ago.

The dive crews were in the pond in Isle of Wight County on Friday.

UPDATE:  4/3/15 – Police are searching in Isle of Wight County for AJ.  They are concentrating on an area at U.S. 258 and Joyner’s Bridge Road, according to police spokesman Daniel Hudson, after receiving a tip through Crime Line.  The department’s divers were at the scene, which includes a retention pond.

UPDATE:  3/22/15 – According to WAVY news, AJ Hadsell’s dad that adopted her, was been arrested on May 21 on four charges of obstructing justice and one charge of possessing ammunition after a felony (scroll up to see what Wesley was charged with before) and one charge of breaking and entering.  This happened the same time that the police were seen searching an area in South Battlefield Blvd.

I have seen in the past where they will charge a person of interest with unrelated charges, so they can put them in jail and interrogate them.  This may have been what happened in this situation.

On Chelsea Hoffman’s live podcast, Wesley told Chelsea that the police had found AJ’s jacket rolled up behind a couch cushion.  Now we find out that he has told WAVY news that he went into the house because he things that the person took his daughter against her will and he was looking for her or clues.

“I couldn’t sit a minute away from where my daughter may have been,” Hadsell told WAVY news at the Norfolk City jail.

He also told them he went through trash cans and pulled back the carpet and punched the family’s dog that was there.  Then he said he found a clue.

“I found my daughter’s jacket in his couch rolled up behind the cushion,” Hadsell told WAVY news.  “I was just trying to make the evidence come to light.  It’s not like I had the jacket. I didn’t plant the jacket.  I didn’t know anything about that it was the fact of the overwhelming information that led me there.”

When Wesley was arrested he was found at a motel room with 72 rounds of 9mm of ammunition.   It is well known that 9mm is the cheapest and easiest ammunition to buy, unlike 22 ammunition.  So, what was he doing in a motel room with it?  My speculation is that he stole a gun and ammo from the home he broke into and sold the gun but did not sell the ammo because it was too bulky to carry outside the motel room and the person didn’t want to meet him at the room.  Please know this is my theory.

Also, if you listen to Chelsea’s podcast you will hear Wesley sniffing a lot.  It could be allergies, it could have been him crying over his missing daughter, but the speech patterns leads me to believe that he was using drugs and probably meth.   This is totally my opinion and I could be completely wrong but this is what I concluded when I heard the podcast.

Later Andre Barr, 18, who is living at AJ’s mother’s house calls the police and tells them that Wesley had broken into the woman’s home, where he said he found the jacket.

UPDATE 3/21/15 –  A spokesman with the Norfolk Police Department tells investigators are following a tip about clothing on the side of the rode and are searching in South Battlefield Boulevard in Chesapeake, near a wooded area late Thursday night.  The people that found the items told WAVY they found at least four items they believe belong to Hadsell, and notified police.

Police were back searching on Friday morning and were asking for surveillance video from nearby businesses.

UPDATE:  It appears that the first wife of the missing teen’s dad went missing, too in 2005. Then another story shows that the first wife was kidnapped by Wesley and they were located in a cornfield.

Michelle Hadsell went missing in 2005 and she was last seen on Friday, August 26, 2005 driving her steel-blue 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt 4-door with JEGS black and white stickers on the rear left and right doors.  During that time, Crime Stopper’s stated that her estranged husband Wesley Hadsell, 27, was  indicted by a Delaware County (Ohio) Grand Jury on charges of rape, kidnapping, felonious assault and domestic violence.   At the time he had a warrant for these charges and they were looking in the Virginia Beach area for him.  Crime Stopper’s also cautioned in their alert that Wesley might seek revenge on his estranged wife.  Wesley was eventually arrested.  On August 31, 2005, it was reported that Michelle was seen in Selma, N.C.

Then this story shows that Michelle was kidnapped by Wesley.  Michelle’s father called the police after calling his daughter, and he heard her struggling.   Later the police found there had been a struggle at her home.  “He was being sought for the Aug. 26 kidnapping and rape of his former wife, Michelle Hadsell. She was with him when he abandoned his car after a police chase that began around 1:05 a.m. today on Interstate 57 near Peotone.”

Pilot Online stated:  “On Sept. 2, Hadsell robbed the bank in Fredericksburg. On the same day, Michelle Hadsell bought a toe ring and piercing in Virginia Beach.  With police searching for them, the two (Michelle and Wesley) made their way to Illinois.  Police captured Hadsell there, about 60 miles from Chicago, after finding his car in a field, according to stories in the Columbus Dispatch from the time.  Ohio prosecutors dismissed state charges including rape and kidnapping against Hadsell following the federal bank robbery indictment, according to court documents filed there.”

In 2006, Hadsell pleaded guilty in federal court to robbing the Fredericksburg bank.  So, did Wesley kidnap Michelle?  Did she go willing with him.  It is hard to say.  On one hand it seems he did abduct her, but then she was spotted shopping in Virginia Beach and the charges of kidnapping were dropped.  Did Michelle stage it to look like she was abducted?  I don’t know.

Original story:

Angelica “AJ” Hadsell, 18, from Norfolk, Va has been missing since last week. She left Longwood University to travel to her home in Norfolk for spring break but she never arrived.

She was thought to have been seen on the Virginia Commonwealth University Monroe Park campus last Wednesday, but there is no confirmation.

AJ sent her parents several text messages that were unusual and her bank cards were found cut up.

“The conversation, in my opinion, was kind of off. I can’t be 100 percent sure I know that was my daughter I was texting. I know how she talks and I know the type of things she says,” said Jennifer Hadsell.

Hadsell was last seen March 2 around 2 p.m. driving down Millard Street toward her home. Her dad said on the Chelsea Hoffman Podcast that his daughter was seen driving “with purpose.”  There was also a white car was reported in the family’s driveway at the same time.

If you have any information about her whereabouts, please call the Norfolk Police at 757-664-7026.

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  1. It has everything to do with Wesley Hadsell, another one of her mom's husbands, whose first wife has been missing for 10 years in Delaware. Honestly, did you even bother to attempt to look it up? The info is out there. He yaks and yaks about his daughter AJ, to whom he is no blood relation. He has only been married to her mom for 2-3 years.

  2. Good job Gloucester! Guess you didn't even bother to look deep enough huh Sean? The info is out there, like you said, she was found with him and isn't missing at all.

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