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Steven Roach: Missing since 2014 from Cabot

Steven Roach went missing June 30, 2014 from North Little Arkansas. He had borrowed his father’s truck to take some material to Reeve’s Recycling, in North Little Rock Arkansas. He was believed to be with Brandy Smith, 35, of Cabot, Arkansas. His father’s truck was found abandoned at White Oak Pond Drive, Otter, AR 72103. Steve has not been located, seen or heard from since. 

Steve Roach is:
5 feet 7 inches at 186 lbs.
He has a scar on his left wrist and does have a disability
He was last seen wearing a red Arkansas Razorback t-shirt and dark pants

Arkansas Facebook missing people
Please Contact:
Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office 501-676-3000
Or Saline County Sheriff’s Office at 501-303-5608

White Oak Pond Dr Otter, AR 72103

3 thoughts on “Steven Roach: Missing since 2014 from Cabot

  1. AR. is the abbreviation for Arkansas ….Nothing you wrote in your article about this missing person makes any sense…Why all the info about this truck, that car, the aunt knowing how much money they sold the copper for, NONE of that is relevant. SO…Is it thought the man drove the truck into a pond and is now missing? I have no clue under what circumstances this guy is missing.

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