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Adam Hecht: Missing from Beverly Hills since 1989

Missing Person California

Adam Hecht, 24, has been missing since June 7, 1989 from Los Angeles.

Hecht is the son of a Hollywood producer, Harold Hecht.    Hecht graduated from Beverly Hills High School and became a tennis instructor.

Adam’s brother Harold met with him to eat breakfast on Jan. 10, 1989.  Harold said they met a homeless man who was blind in one eye outside the restaurant.  During the meal, Adam went outside to talk to the homeless man, but when he returned he wouldn’t tell Harold what they were talking about and said it was nothing.

After breakfast, as Harold headed to his car he noticed Adam was back talking with the homeless man.  A few weeks later Harold found out that the homeless man, who he found out was named Tony had moved in with Adam.

Adam changed

Adam began doing things he had never done before.  He was visiting homeless areas of LA and even stayed out on the streets at night.  He also seemed to be doing strange things that Tony told him to do, like burn his hand in some kind of “strange mystical rite.”

Then in June, Harold went to visit Adam and only Tony was there.  He didn’t seem to know where Adam was.  His car was gone, too.

The family filed a missing person report and arranged to have Tony evicted from Adam’s home.  Authorities interviewed Tony, but they came to the conclusion he didn’t know anything and was not responsible for Adam’s disappearance.

A month later, Adam’s car was found on a side street with parking tickets on it and the key still in the ignition.  Adam’s wallet with credit cards, and a few hundred dollars was found in the car.

What happened to Adam?

The family does not know if Adam gave up on his life and became a homeless person or what happened to him.  One year after he vanished, Harold ran into Tony on the streets and asked if he knew what happened to Adam, but he said that if he just stayed on the streets for a while, he would know.  His disappearance remains unsolved. Adam has been missing for 25 years, he would be 49. He has burn scars on his right hand.

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Adam Hecht has not been put into NAMUS.  The family should put their DNA and information into NAMUS to see if there is a possible match.  NOTE:  In 2015, Adam was not in NAMUS, but he now is and you can find that info here.

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