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Barway Collins: 10-year-old child missing from Minnesota Found

UPDATE:  4/14/15 – Police have arrested Barway’s father, Pierre Collins.

UPDATE 4/13/15 –  A body found in the Mississippi River on Saturday has been confirmed to be Barway’s,  the medical examiner said Sunday. The medical examiner said the cause and manner of his death remains under investigation.   Barway’s father, Pierre Collins, remains a primary suspect in the case.

UPDATE:  4/12/15 – A child’s body was found Saturday in the Mississippi River north of Minneapolis, authorities said.

UPDATE 3/31/15 – Investigators say Barway’s father, Pierre Collins, is considered a suspect in his disappearance after he failed a lie detector.  This is also new information that he took out a $30,000 life insurance policy on his son, two weeks before he went missing.

UPDATE 3/27/15 – Barway’s father, Pierre Collins was on Nancy Grace last night.  Nancy asked him if he took a polygraph test and he said yes and she got confirmation from him that it showed to be inconsistent with some questions.

Pierre is the primary suspect in Barway’s disappearance and investigators believe he was near the river just after the boy was last seen about 4:15 p.m. on March 18.

“Based on our investigation, we now know that Pierre Collins was in the area of the Mississippi River … shortly after Barway’s disappearance,” Crystal Police Chief Stephanie Revering said at a news conference, reports the Star Tribune. “… We have strong evidence.”
Collins, who has not been arrested or charged, “continues to not be truthful” with investigators, she said.
Public records show no criminal record for Collins≥  Collins used to be Barlee Smith but legally changed his name in 2008.  
Pierre’s ex wife, Jennifer Beaver filed an order-for-protection petition against him in 2013.  In the order-for-protection documents, she alleges that Pierre abused her and their children. 
There was also an order of protection where he was not to visit his children at their school  It expired March 14. Barway and his dad emigrated to the United States from Liberia in 2011.

UPDATE 3/24/15 – A surveillance video shows Barway in the school bus and before he gets off the bus he says, “There is my dad and uncle.”   Barway’s father and uncle saw him as he got off the bus.  The uncle can’t be found and now the father is a suspect.

UPDATE 3/23/15 – The police are asking for help identifying these two people that were in the apartment complex.  They have not named them as suspects, but want to talk with them.  If you know them, please call the police department.

Original story:  Barway Edwin Collins, 10, is missing from Crystal, Minn.  He was last seen at the Cedarwood Apartments on 55th and Douglas Avenues Northand and a surveillance video shows him walking away from the apartment parking lot after the school bus dropped him off on Wed. afternoon, and he hasn’t been seen since.

“He’s not that type of child who would run away from home,” said Barway’s parents, Pierre and Yamah Collins.

“Every morning he’d hang with me in the community room. He’d ask if he could help clean or vacuum. Of course you can’t let him, so I miss him a lot I want him back home.” Roxy, the apartment caretaker told My Fox News.

According to KARE News, Police Chief Stephanie Revering said “they do not believe Collins was abducted but rather is with someone he knows.”  No explanation how they know this.

“Obviously since we have the FBI, the BCA, the sheriff’s office helping us out, we’re taking this very seriously. So we are concerned for his safety. And we just want to locate him and bring him home,” said Revering.

A member of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s advisory board is organizing another search for Barway on Monday.

Barway is described as 5 feet tall, 80 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a black jacket, white t-shirt, black pants, red shoes and was carrying a red backpack.

If you think you have seen Barway or have any information regarding his whereabouts, please contact the Crystal Police Department via Hennepin County Dispatch at 952-258-5321 or dial 911 or leave an anonymous tip here.

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