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Lucas Prassas: Missing from Arkansas

UPDATE 1/27/17 – Lucas is still missing per his grandmother, Audrey Waldo.

“Please help find Lucas Allen Prassas. He was last seen at his home at 2465 Highway 1 North, Apt 17 at 6:30 on Nov. 29th 2013. Lucas turned 21 on Dec 18th, 2014. He is a loner, spent most of his time with us (his grandparents). He had just gotten out of St. Francis Hospital in Memphis one week before he disappeared. Lucas means the world to me. It is close to unbearable, not knowing where he is. Wynne police is 870-238-8718 or you can leave an anonymous tip, with the police or in my inbox. He is around 5’9, weighed around 170 at the time, short (at the time) blackish brown hair and thick black eyebrows. Luke has an extensive history of emotional problems. He may be in a hospital. He may be homeless, talking to trees or lampposts. He may have found a girl and hooked up his life with hers. (that is my favorite, complete with great grandbaby showing up at my door) If anyone sees or knows anything at all please call the police or me at 870-208-9373. If anyone can lead him to us or vice-versa it would be the answer to my prayers.”
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