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John Doe: Humboldt County

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help from the public to help identify the John Doe that was found off Bair Road in Hoopa, California.

The remains are of a male between the age of 18-30 who wore a size 12 black and red Air Jordan shoes, 36 x 34 size brown Carhardt painter’s style pants, 3X size black sweatpants with a “Hoopa Warriors” logo a black “Cal” baseball cap and a black t-shirt with “California Republic” logo printed in red and white.  Also found was a red, white and black-beaded necklace and in the pockets of his clothing foreign coins were found.

Investigators believe his death is suspicious.

The cause of death is being withheld.

If you have any idea who this may be, please contact the Sheriff’s office at 707-268-3643.

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Compiled by Linda Williams
The Willits News

Humboldt County
April 2001: Burges Gene Kone, 55, of Bridgeville was reported missing and considered a possible homicide victim. June 2001, burnt and broken-up human remains were found in three locations along Highway 36 in June 2001. These remains were eventually identified as belonging to Kone and in 2004 Chester Evans, 36, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 12 years 8 months in prison. Evans apparently killed Kone so he could grow marijuana on Kone’s property.
July 2003: Rex Donald Shinn, 32, of Loleta was reported missing. His remains were found on private land near Honeydew in January 2007. Forensics established Shinn had been shot serval times. The man accused of shooting Shinn was acquitted on first degree murder charges and the jury could not agree on second degree charges. The crime was considered marijuana related.
August 2003: Chris Robert Giauque, 36, was reported missing after leaving Humboldt County on a trip to Spy Rock Road in Mendocino County. His father considers it a robbery-murder case. The possible homicide is considered marijuana related.
September 2003: Christopher Aleksiewic was reported missing in the Humboldt area. Two femurs found by dogs in Cooper Gulch in 2006 and 2007 were identified in 2010 as his by the California Department of Justice.
February 2004: Human remains found near Pepperwood for an adult male deceased between one and two months. In February 2005 he was identified as Robert John Tobaka, 53, of Eureka. Tobaka was reported missing in March 2004. While his death was being investigated as a homicide no further updates were issued.
September 2004: The remains of a female was found at Grizzly Creek State Park, later identified as Lori Ann Jones. Two men were arrested in 2005 for her murder and subsequently convicted.
September 2005: Joseph Clarence Wilma Jr. 52, of Redway; Michael William Desmet, 33, of Shelter Cove reported missing. Wilma’s leg and jawbone were located in Covelo April 2007 in a 4,500 plant marijuana grow. Homicide suspected, Desmet’s remains have not been found. The possible homicides are considered marijuana related.
December 2005: Jason Dee McElroy, 26, of Idaho was reported missing from the Hoopa area. His remains were found May 2006 near Weitchpec by police. A Hoopa woman told authorities she spotted the body months earlier but she didn’t report it because in Hoopa, “snitches go in ditches.” Carlyle Blake, 29, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2009. This may have been methamphetamine related.
2006: Jon Poschman was reported missing. A femur found in 2008 by a dog in Cooper Gulch was identified in April 2012 as Poschman’s .
2006: Todd Robertson, 32, was reported missing. Skeletal remains were found in Cutten in May 2008 were positively identified as Robertson’s.
Oct. 2006: Male human skull found in Fieldbrook. No identification. The skull was thought to have been in the area where it was located about 1 year. No further remains were found.
April 2007: Stephanie Lee Fowler, 33, left a cigarette shop in Loleta. She was a mother of six and her skeletal remains were located in a burned out Loleta church in Aug. 2009. Cause of death was never released by detectives after her remains were sent to a forensic scientist in Nov. 2009.
Feb. 2008: Gary Lee Rogers, 37, was last seen at a truck stop in Alton.
Sept. 2008: Monica Bradshaw was last seen by neighbors. Despite intensive searches law enforcement could not locate her remains. Her husband pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and eventually provided a location of the wooded area where her remains were located.
Nov. 2008: Christine Walters, 23, went missing in Eureka.
Jan. 2010 Jerry George, 29, of McKinleyville, was reported missing. Jacob Charles Steele was convicted of murdering George in an apartment in 2012. George’s body was dumped into the mouth of the Eel River and was never recovered. Methamphetamine was involved.
Feb. 2010: William Reid, 46, of Willow Creek (Humboldt) was reported missing. Charred bones were found in several locations scattered around his property. Two men were arrested for the murder. The first man’s trial resulted in a mistrial.
April 2011: Edward Burton Jenson, 54, of Blocksburg, was reported missing. His remains were found in July 2011 beside the Eel River near Weott. The death has been called a homicide.
Dec. 2011: Skull found in Arcata by young boys, search teams found aditional remains the next day. The remains were identified in February 2012 as a man missing since April from Altoona, Pennsylvania. The coroner ruled it a suicide.
June 2012: Katherine Gillham, 40, left Grants Pass, Oregon on her way to Big Lagoon. She was last seen in Crescent City at 3 a.m. on June 11.
Dec. 2012: Garret Rodriguez, 30, of San Diego, was last heard from after arriving in the Garberville area to work at a marijuana grow on “Murder Mountain.” He was reported missing in April 2013. A private investigator hired by the family found Rodriguez’ broken down truck in southern Humboldt County in June 2013.

Mendocino County
Nov. 1999: Tony Joseph Griffani, 38, left a Ukiah residence to go to Gualala and was never seen again. His car was found in January 2000 near Willits. In 2003, a human skull was located near where the pickup was found. His disappearance is considered suspicious.
Dec. 2003: Michael Ray Larsen, 49, of Fort Bragg, was reported missing. In July 2009, a skeleton was found on South Harbor Drive by people clearing brush on the hillside. The remains were identified as Larsen within a few weeks. There was no evidence of foul play.
May 2004: Chad Richard Kirkendall, 23, of Caspar, was reported missing following a crash.
Dec.2004: Kathryn Rebecca Lamadrid, 40, was last seen walking across the old Noyo River Bridge.
May 2005: Donald Cavanaugh, 63, of Illinois, was reported missing. His vehicle was subsequently found in Westport.
Nov. 2005: Thomas Thurston, 19, was last seen in Ukiah when he left to go on a camping trip on north Cow Mountain.
May 2006: David Neily was reported missing although he had not been heard from since April. Police located his vehicles in Westport in July 2006.
March 2007: George Cameron Hettrick, 57, of Philo. Human remains was found in a ranch in Philo in January 2008 and his remains were identified in February 2008.
Oct. 2010: Eric Christopher Grant was last seen working for Mendocino Redwood Company on October 27 near Navarro Ridge Road.
Oct. 2012: The skeletal remains of an unidentified man, 25 to 45 years old, and between 5 ft. 11 and 6 ft. 5 inches tallwas located on the shore of the Eel River north of Leggett.
April 2013: Genevieve Kathryn Alexander, 30, was reported missing in the Fort Bragg area. A pair of pants identified as Alexander’s was found at the beach.
May 2013: Erik Lamberg, 51, of Redondo Beach, was last seen in Laytonville on May 28. His car was found stuck in a ditch on June 1 on the Sherwood-Fort Bragg Road.
Sept. 2013: Skeletal remains were found along the Eel River near the Standis-Hickey State Park.
Note: The list only includes missing people where law enforcement notified Humboldt or Mendocino County media about a missing person which did not result in either the person or their remains being located within a short time of going missing. It also includes cases where remains were found and never identified or which were identified months or years after the missing report was filed. The list also does not include any unsolved missing person’s reports issued in other jurisdictions where the last known location for the person was in Mendocino or Humboldt counties.

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