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Jenika Feuerstein: Missing Arizona woman’s remains found, year later, no arrest has been made

Remains found but there has been no arrest for the murder of Jenika Feuerstein.

Jenika Feuerstein, 20, was last seen in Mesa, Arizona on Jan 3, 2009 on Mesa Drive and Brown Road.  Sgt. Ed Wessing, Mesa police spokesman, said the only lead in the case was the man who told police he dropped her off at a Walgreens.

Jenika’s mom said that Jenika and a man went to Fourth Avenue Jail in downtown Phoenix to place money into the account of a jailed friend. She also said her daughter and the man were supposed to meet a friend at his apartment after leaving the jail, but neither showed up.  The man she was with said he dropped her off.  The man has been repeatedly interviewed, and police have nothing.  Jenika was never heard from again. 

According to friends they also said that Jenika was with a man who they say was David L. Hutchinson. Friends told police that Jenika texted them at 10:45 p.m. on Saturday, January 3, 2009 and stated they were at McClintock Drive and Dobson Road and would be right over, but they never showed up.

Hutchinson, 48, was convicted for an armed robbery in 2001.

Police say Hutchinson was found by two of Jenika’s friends at a campsite at Coon’s Bluff three days after Jenika was last seen.

Then in 2014, three men who went target shooting found remains in a large plastic container which was taped shut and stashed deep inside a bush. When the men opened it, they were shocked to discover the skeletal remains and clothing of what they say appears to be a young person.

The men immediately notified the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, who identified the remains as belonging to Jenika Feuerstein.  The were found just a little over an hour away from that campsite that Jenika was allegedly at with Hutchinson.

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