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Justice Brewer: Teen disappears; grandfather wakes up to crying granddaughter and back door open Found

UPDATE:  4/13/15 – Because of an alert person, Justice has been located at a house in southwest Detroit, according to her father, Bill Franklin.

Evidently a neighbor read the News-Herald story and realized that there was a girl down the street at a house that looked like Justice.  The person even went to the house, but was told that Justice was not there.  Not satisfied with the answer, they reached out to Justice’s parents and also to the police, who came to the house and caught Justice running out the door and down the alley.

Justice was taken to the police department and then released back to her family.

Original story:  Justice Kelsey Brewer, 17,  who lives in the 1500 block of Liberty Street, in Lincoln Park in Detroit, Michigan, disappeared the night of April 10, according to her father Bill Franklin.

Justice was home around 9 p.m. that Friday.  When Bill woke up that morning, he heard his baby granddaughter (Justice’s daughter) crying.  He went to look for Justice, but found the back door of the house open and he could not find her.

“Our hearts are in pain not knowing where she is,” Bill said. “It’s unlike her to pull something like this.”

Her mom, Elizabeth posted, “I’m her mother and there are KIK messages sent to friends but nobody believes it’s her because it is not words she would use. It’s more like someone responding using her name!!”

Brewer, an eleventh-grader at Riley Education Center in Allen Park, is 5 feet, 5 inches, with hazel eyes and long brown hair.

Elizabeth also said, “She could be in South West Detroit or in a downriver community.. If anybody knows anything please contact the Lincoln Park Police Department. Or PM me on here! Her daughter needs her and her family wants her home safe! Please share.”

She does not have a car, her family added, or an activated cell phone.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts should call the Lincoln Park Police Department at 313-381-1800. You can leave an anonymous tip here, too.

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