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Kaylene Gallegos: Arizona woman missing since 2010 after leaving her home with two men

Kaylene Marie Gallegos was 22-years-old when she went missing from Pintop/Lakeside, Arizona on May 22, 2010

Kaylene left her father’s home and got into a vehicle with two people, Jacob Mata and another man.  She told her father she was going to Phoenix.  She never returned.  One of the men questioned who was with her said they got lost on a forest service road in the White Mountain Apache forest lands and spent the night there and the following morning Kaylene and he got separated.

Jacob was located after he and another woman, Jenifer Petit started a fire, according to Audra, Kaylene’s cousin.

Is this Kaylene?
Gabriel Gallegos

Audra states, “Fact that when searching they found absolutely no trace of her in the car they were in or the wooded area where they had all seem to have got lost in when choosing to separate cus argument.”

If you have any information about Kaylene, please call the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office at 928-524-4050 or leave an anonymous tip here.

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