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Ksenia Quiros: Mother of Air Force Cadet that died mysteriously is missing Found

UPDATE 4/19/15 –  The body of Ksenia Quiros was found in a steep, rugged area west of Gold Camp Reservoir that was not near a trail, by a volunteer searcher on Saturday. 

Original story: The police are searching for missing Ksenia Quiros, 45,  of Colorado Springs who was classified as a “suicidal female,” but so far all they found was her 1998 Dodge Ram truck.

Just two weeks ago, Quiros’s son, Air Force Academy Cadet 1st Class Alexandre Quiros died mysteriously and was found in his dorm room.  He had suffered injuries, but the police are still investigation and said there is no criminal investigation.

A crew searched the Stratton Meadows Open Space at Cresta Road and La Veta near South Suburban and Gold Camp reservoir on Thursday, reports the Gazette.

The reservoir was also searched with sonar but nothing was found.

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