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Iona and Emily Costello: Mother and young daughter go missing from New York Found

UPDATE:  4/20/15 – Iona and Emily have been found safe.  A relative told CBS2’s Matt Kozar that Iona had family troubles. She said Iona’s husband, George, died two years ago and children from a previous marriage were contesting his will.  The case has been tied up in the courts for two years, Kozar reported.

Original story:  Iona Costello, 51 and her daughter Emily, 14, have been missing since March 30.  They left their  East End farm to travel to Manhattan and have not been seen since.

Iona is a well-known equestrian from Greenport, and her daughter, Emily, a student at the posh Ross School in East Hampton.

Iona’s car was found in a parking garage on 42nd Street on Wednesday.  A video surveillance showed them in the garage and they were laughing and talking when they got out of the car.  The only clue is they had suitcases, which indicated they were going somewhere.

“She has animals, she has cows, she has horses … she was supposed to be back last Tuesday,” Diana Malcolmson, Iona’s mother said. “I’m expecting her to come back.”

Stress may have prompted them to take off, Malcolmson added.

“It’s possibly they could be almost anywhere. Family and friends are very concerned. We’d feel a whole lot better if they’d reach out to family or friends to let them know they are okay,” said Southold Police Chief Martin Flatley.

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