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Brandon Williams: Missing from Nashville since 2013

brandon williams

May 9, 2018 – Brandon Williams is still missing. His mother, Dede posted:

“I love and miss you so much.I Know what my heart feels, but if your out there Please make contact with Stormy or me.really worried about you. It’s been 5years. Love you son and are still lookin for you

brandon williams
brandon williams

Brandon Williams was last heard from on May 18, 2013 in Nashville, Tenn.

Brandon left Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday May 17th 2013 via greyhound bus. He was on his way back to Key West, FL. The last contact that we have was on May 18th when he was in Nashville, TN. He contacted both his best friend and his roommate. He was due to arrive in Key West on Monday May 20th. The bus came and went, he was not and has not made contact since May 18th, 2013.

For more updated information please go to Brandon’s Facebook page.

Dede Brown, Brandon’s mom wrote:

“In the the end of May of 2013, my son Brandon Williams boarded a greyhound bus heading from Salt Lake City, Utah to Key West, Florida.

According to Greyhound and their records my son arrived in Atlanta, Georgia and never boarded the bus to his final destination. The last person to hear from him was his roommate. They discussed when my son would arrive and that his roommate would be there to pick him up. Brandon never arrived and his roommate thought maybe he missed the first bus. When the second bus arrived and my son was still not on the bus he became concerned. He called my son’s best friend (who my son has not missed at least a weekly phone call with in the last 9 years) and he had not heard from him since that Saturday (May 18th). His best friend called me the following Thursday and stated that he nor my son’s roommate had heard from him.

My daughter and I filled a missing person’s report. No one that we have talked to has heard from my son since May 18th. This is concerning on many levels but the thing that worries me the most is that my son suffers from epilepsy and does not have any of his medications. He is not traveling with a phone and had just $150.00 dollars to his name. As the holidays are approaching my heart is aching even more wondering what has happened to my son. This is a mother’s heart felt cry for some help in locating my son. I just want to know what transpired when he arrived in Atlanta and why he never arrived in Key West.”

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