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Mary Buckley: Missouri missing senior’s son found dead

What started out as a man missing from his home he shared with his mother on the 700 block of Sugar Glen in St. Peters near St. Charles, Mo., has turned into a lot more.

The police went to Mary Buckley’s home on April 21, to tell her that her son, Gary was found dead of an apparent suicide.  77-year-old Mary was not there and it was not too long before police realized she was missing along with her car.

Hikers found Gary Buckley, 51, at Ecopark in St. Charles, hanging from a tree.  The police found a suicide note.

Mary had limited mobility and medical ailments, including Alzheimer’s, and her inability to live without oxygen would have prevented her from going far.   Gary was her only caregiver.

On Wednesday a tip stated that her car was at the bottom of the river, but it was not found although several other cars were found including a Bronco, an Impala and a Hummer.

Aubrey Haynes

Three cars were pulled out the river near Second Street and one of them appears to be a Hummer H3 which caught the attention of social media because missing Michelle Parker was last seen driving a 2007 H3 in Orlando in 2011.  Michelle’s Hummer was found in a parking lot of the Mall at Millennia in 2011, so it has been accounted for.

A news report dated Oct 20, 2013 though, talks about missing Aubrey W. Haynes, 43 of Grain Valley, Mo.  He was last seen leaving his residence on Northwest Nicholas Drive in his black Hummer H3 with Missouri plates CG5-U2H.  As far as I can tell he is still missing.  Grain Valley and St. Peters are two hours away from each other.  Whether the muddy Hummer pictured above is the same Hummer as Aubrey was driving is not known at this time.  Below is a picture of what a 2007 Hummer looks like.

So, there is a comment that Aubrey was found.  I did not find anything about him being found, only being lost.  I do not know if he was found safe or not.

Thank you HappenStance for finding the article that shows that Aubrey was found back in 2013.

Police will be checking the VIN numbers on the Hummer and the other cars they pulled out of the river to find out who they belong to.

On Thursday, it was realized that Mary’s car was not in the river when a train conductor spotted it near the railroad tracks south of 30 in Bridgeton.  Mary is still missing.

Could the car that was pulled out of the Missouri River be Aubrey Haynes who drove a H3 just like this one?

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