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Ashley Grider Kennedy: Missing from Alabama Found

Ashley Grider Kennedy, 32, aka as Ashley Harris is missing from Stevenson, Ala. 

UPDATE: 4/26/15 – Ashley has been found on Sunday.  According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office she stole a car on Sunday and the owner chased after her and called 911.

Ashley looks different in her mug shot.

 The police caught up with her on Highway 72 in Hollywood, then it continued into Scottsboro and Woodville.  Deputies threw out spike strips on Highway 72 and Highway 63 in Woodville and Kennedy swerved to avoid them and tried to mow an officer down.  The deputy got out of the way and Kennedy swerved and ran over the spike strips and lost control of the car and struck a guard rail.

She has been taken to the hospital.

Original story:  On Facebook she posted she was from South Pittsburg, Tenn. and her last post was in February. 

She was last seen walking on Highway 72 near County Road 85 between 11 p.m. and midnight.

If you have any information about her whereabouts, please call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at 256-574-2610.

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