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Sir Wright: Kansas City boy jumps out of cab to look for his mom and goes missing Found

UPDATE:  4/28/15 – Police state that Sir has been located and is safe.

Original story: A Kansas boy, Sir Wright, 9, jumped out of a taxi cab that was taking him home on Monday and he has not been seen since.

His mom says that he goes to the Nova Center School in Independence and refused to get on the bus Monday afternoon. She says someone at the Nova Center School put her son in a cab.

It was evident he was already upset and to put him in a cab instead of calling his family I think was the wrong thing to do.  

Sir left a note with his teacher saying he was running away from home and going to live with his biological mother. 

Sir jumped out of the taxi near 56th Street and Swope Parkway in Kansas City.

There has been no information where the boy might be headed.

 He was wearing a blue shirt, khaki pants, gray shoes and had a red backpack.

If you see him, call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.

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