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Susan Vallalvazo: Body found in suitcase along freeway

A woman that went missing last November has been found in a suitcase in Utah.

Susana Villalvazo, 46, went missing along with her stepfather, Samuel Teran, 75, from their Las Vegas home on Nov. 5.  Samuel was pulled over the the North Las Vegas police the Review-Journal reported.  He pulled into the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant, and then shot himself in the head.  He died in the hospital.  Authorities believed that Susana and Samuel were traveling together.  No one knew what happened to Susana.  On April 30, a suitcase found in a ravine along I-80 was found by state transportation workers.  The woman had been shot to death and then her body put into the suitcase which was found along the freeway which is believed to have been there for a while. 

The medical examiner was able to identify Susana’s body.

At first the police thought the body may have belonged to missing Elena Salgado of Provo, Utah.  She is still missing as of May 3.

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