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Sara Graham: Daughter of Robeson County deputy goes missing; stepmom fired

DATE:  2/4/16 – The FBI is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information helping authorities find Sara, according to WRAL.

Original story: Sara Nicole Graham, 18, from N.C., has been missing since Feb. 4, 2015.  Sara  left her home  in the 4000 block of Centerville Church Road in Fairmont about 6:30 a.m. for work at a Walmart store in Pembroke, Robeson County Sheriff Kenneth Sealey has said. Sara had moved in with her father and stepfather who both worked for the sheriff’s department.    She was driving a van registered to her father, Hubert Graham. Hubert, is a 16 year veteran of the sheriff’s department.  The van was found on McDonald Road with the doors locked but Sara never showed up for work. According to the Charley Project “It was parked in a wheat field off east McDonald Road between Chicken Road and Centerville Church Road, several feet off the road, with no indications that a struggle had taken place.”

Deputies got a call about a suspicious vehicle found around 12:15 p.m. Wednesday.  The van was abandoned in a wheat field near the edge of the tree line on East McDonald Road near I-95 in Fairmont.
Deputies conducted a foot search of the Centerville area, and nothing was found.
“This is actually a foot search. They are searching every stretch of woods from her house to where her vehicle was located. We covered a lot of territory. That’s acres and acres,” Thompson told the media.
“The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office are still actively working a joint missing persons investigation,” said Shelley Lynch, a spokeswoman for the FBI office in Charlotte. Before her disappearance, Sara was living with her stepmom, Connie Graham, that was a detective in the Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Division before she was fired on March 18. According to the Robesonian news:
“Connie Graham joined the Sheriff’s Office as a telecommunicator on June 6, 1990. Following a 15 month break from the job that began July 13, 1995, she returned to telecommunications on Nov. 1, 1996. She was promoted to telecommunicator supervisor on April 1, 1999; school resource officer on Feb. 1, 2001; and detective on June 1, 2007 — a position she held until her March 18 dismissal.”
Posted on the Robeson County Sheriff’s Facebook page:

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office is grateful for your assistance in publicizing Sara Graham’s disappearance on social media, fliers, and word of mouth. I know citizens are eager to know more about our investigation. Please understand that publicly sharing specific details of our case could be harmful to the integrity of our investigation and would not be in the best interest of our efforts to find Sara. RCSO detectives, in conjunction with the FBI, are working day and night on this case and we won’t stop until we find her.

Former Deputy Connie Graham has been terminated from her employment as a deputy sheriff as of March 19, 2015. Her termination is a personnel matter.

Thank you to all for your understanding to assist us with this investigation. I will release more about this ongoing investigation as soon as I am able. Again, thank you all for your concern for Sara, her family, and for your understanding about protecting details of our investigation.

It is a possibility that Connie used her position in law enforcement to try and locate Sara?  Maybe, but it would be so easy to do it straight forwardly, with all the other law enforcement officials on hand.  Termination for someconniegrahamone with Connie’s tenure would probably take a long time, as proof would have to be in place. Whatever she did to be terminated probably happened months before.  Also, terminations are often followed by the LEO getting an attorney and fighting the decision as they feel they were wrongly accused and their tenure offers  a reason to fight the decision.   There is no indication that Connie has done this. I have not seen anything that states Connie was on leave of absence which is done until police are charged or not charged or  found guilty or innocent after a trial.

FBI is asking that anyone with information contact the Charlotte Field Office at 704-672-6100 or the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office at 910-671-3100.

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  1. I'm not following the connection. What does her step-mom's job or lack of have to do with this? I just find it odd that that information was included.

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