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Arianna Lopez: 6-year-old taken by dad; won’t say where she is FOUND

UPDATE 5/18/15 – Lopez finally told police where Arianna was and she is now safe and is back with her mother.

The father of missing Arianna Lopez, 6, has turned himself in to the Albuquerque police on Sunday afternoon but refuses to say where Arianna is.

Sunday morning, Lopez had called our newsroom and said he planned to turn himself in at the studios. KOB contacted police shortly thereafter, since the safety of a child was of concern.
Lopez said he came to the news station because he wanted his arrest to be filmed. He had been sending letters to the governor, state lawmakers and KOB since April, discussing his disappointment with his ongoing custody battle for his two children.  Lopez also sent KOB documentation that states back in 2010, he had custody of the couple’s kids while his wife was being treated for bipolar disorder.

“She’s [Arianna] in California now; I called her, she was real happy to talk to me. When I asked her, she was in church I asked her if she wanted to go with her dad, and she said yes,” Abelino Lopez told KOB news.

As he was being escorted by the police the media surrounded him and asked him where Arianna was.  He responded he would not tell the police and he was not going to tell them either. 

He also stated that the Children Treatment Center was medicating his daughter for no reason. Lopez told KOB the Children’s Treatment Center made his daughter sign a consent form to take psychotropic anti-anxiety medication that he doesn’t believe his daughter needs.

According to KRQE news Arianna is in need of the medication that Abelino refuses to give her, so he was given a court order to stay away from her.

It is believed that Abelino Lopez took Arianna from the Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church.  He  snuck into the church and waited for the opportunity to take her. 

Police are asking everyone to keep an eye out for Arianna.  She is 4 feet tall and 65 pounds with brown hair and eyes.  She was wearing a pink dress.  Abelino did say she was with family but did not say where. 

Albuquerque police are now talking with California police.  They also stated that if anyone is harboring Arianna they should call them immediately or would be facing charges.

If you have any information please call the Albuquerque police at 505-926-6077 or 505-379-1292 or leave an anonymous tip here. 

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