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Tabitha Tuders: Teen missing since 2003

Tabitha Tuders was 13-years-old when she went missing from Nashville, Tenn. in 2003 on her way to school.  She usually walked three blocks from her home to the bus stop at 14th and Boscobel Streets.  but on April 29 she never made it to the bus or school.

One witness said he saw her get into a car and head up a hill.  Later dogs would track that same route.  Another said they saw her walking in the opposite direction of the bus stop.  Two separate witnesses saw her in Linton, Ind.   Just recently a tip came in that she may be living in Fremont, Neb.  No further information was given as to why she would be there. 

Authorities have released an age-progressed photograph of Tabitha as she would look today at 25. 

Tabitha at 13.

A piece of paper was found in Tabitha’s room in her handwriting that read “T.D.T. – N – M.T. L”  The first set of initials is thought to be Tabitha’s.  Tabitha was known to go to the library to get on the internet and the police searched the logs but found no information. 

In Aug. 2003, eleven-year-old Heaven Ross from Alabama went missing on her way to school.  She was found under a house in Holt, Ala.  Authorities have considered the two cases may be connected, but the distance between Nashville and Northport was great and no evidence has linked the two cases together.  Anyone with information should call the Fremont Detective Bureau at 402-727-2680 or Fremont Police Department’s Crime Stoppers at 402-727-4002.

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