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Susan McLean: Monroe Township Pennsylvania woman goes missing in Scotland Found

UPDATE 8/15/15 –  “Police Scotland is in attendance at a wooded area near Aberfeldy following reports from a member of the public that what is believed to be human remains have been found.

UPDATE 5/31/15 – A tip has come in that a woman was reportedly seen walking on the outskirts of Aberfeldy, Scotland about 15 minutes after the time Susan McLean was last officially seen, according to the Courier.  The Scottish police will be investigating that tip.

UPDATE 5/26/15 – The Scottish police have ended their first week of searching for Susan and called it disappointing.  She still has not been located.

“Everyone in Aberfeldy has been very supportive and I want to thank all the people who have spoken to the police and given their time to help in our search for Susan,” he said. “We just want her to be here with us, if anyone knows anything that might help to bring her back to our family, please let the police know so that we can bring her home,” said her husband, Donald who was vacationing in Scotland with her and their two sons.

Members of McLean’s extended family flew to Scotland to support Donald and the couple’s sons, but some of the family has since flown home.

 Original Story:  Susan McLean, 61, from Monroe Township,  Pennsylvania went missing in Berfeldy, Scotland on Tuesday, May 19, 2015.  Susan was in Berfeldy at the Moness Resort for a vacation when she went missing.  .

Surveillance photo (Credit: Tayside Police Division)
Surveillance photo (Credit: Tayside Police Division)

Susan McLean, 61, went missing from her vacation lodge in Aberfeldy on Sunday evening and was last seen on surveillance cameras on the grounds of Moness Resort, according to Tayside Police Division.

They are using search dogs and helicopters to look for her, and officers are going house to house to ask residents for any information that could help locate her.

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