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Vernon “CODY” Matthews missing from Pollock Pines, California

cody matthews

Vernon Cody Matthews missing California


Vern Matthews

We’re starting to get calls and other inquiries as to why we haven’t been on FB for a while. Hence, it looks like it’s time to post an explanation. In short, we had a break in hoop jumping in most of our arenas, and solid dead ends in others. So we decided to put it to good (and long overdue) use…
• We spent a few months visiting family and friends both local and afar.
• We’ve been working on a variety of projects that will help keep my lungs protected and keep our quality of life on the rise.
• Trying to follow up on our only viable lead to finding our son Cody in months…It didn’t turn out to be him.
• A break from living my life through Face Book.
• And (in lieu of any other new viable leads on our missing son) we’ve been going over past documentation and researching old leads.

So what’s this accomplished? Well I’ll tell ya. After almost 4 years of looking for Cody and 3-1/2 years of King Fire recovery and the associated three ring circus (complete with hoops, ring masters, ticketeers, artists, and clowns), we got to take a badly needed break. The highlight was to spend time visiting our Grandkids. And let me say it up front, my goodness it was a treat.

This may sound unappreciative, but taking a vacation from social media (particularly in these times of political combat) has been nothing short of refreshing and rejuvenating. So between ongoing projects, upcoming hoops and follies, and any new leads, we will probably ease back into FB but devote more time to ourselves, friends, and family.

Right to privacy laws have us at a seemingly insurmountable impasse when it comes to looking for Vernon Cody. And as disappointing as this has been, it’s also giving us more hope than ever that he’s alive…and that’s the most important aspect of our quest to find him. And the reasons are the level of privacy laws we’ve been confronting. In all, it’s a warm and fuzzy type of frustration for a variety of reasons. So as we are able to, our search continues. But for now we are forced into a holding pattern waiting for another door or window to open somewhere. Note: Sorry we have to be so vague, but we are still trying to make progress in this end and can’t afford to burn any bridges.

So happy holidays a bit late. It’s time to saddle up for another year. And may it be outstanding!


Vernon “Cody” Mathews, 23, a senior at UC Berkeley is missing from Pollock Pines, Calif.   Cody called his mother June 6 to tell her that he was going on a walk and that the family’s El Dorado County cabin in the Ice House area had been broken into said Vern Matthews, Cody’s father.  No one has heard from him since.  The only tip they have is a neighbor said they saw him walking on Friday.  He left behind his bicycle and personal things at the cabin and took a hunting knife and water, his cell phone and a bag of trail mix.  No one knows if the break in at the cabin has anything to do with his disappearance.

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