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Fremont Carl O’berg remains found in car at bottom of Kansas Lake

The remains of Fremont Carl O’berg  were found in his car at the bottom of Hillside Lake in Miami County, Kansas.  Fremont Carl O’Berg was 57 when he went missing from Kansas in 1992. is believed to have been found inside his car that was submerged at the bottom of a lake.

The car was discovered when Tim Leeper took a sonar image while he was fishing at a  Hillsdale Lake in Miami County.  He showed it to the police and they went to the lake to recover the car and found is was a 1981 Chevy Citation, which was the same car that O’Berg was driving when he was last seen.

An autopsy of the body positively identified the body as belong to O’berg, who had been submerged at the bottom of a lake for 23 years.

Although the police searched the lake back in 1992, the car was not discovered until March ending a mystery that perplexed his family and law enforcement for years.

Remains of Kansas man found at lake bottom 23 years later

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