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Missing Domingo Ortiz’s remains found under freshly poured concrete at Rhode Island rental

Domingo Ortiz, 60, of Worcester, R.I., who went missing May 5, 2015 after going to visit some friends, was found buried beneath some freshly poured concrete at 505  Douglas Pike, Burrillville, Rhode Island.  Ortiz’s last known whereabouts were at that house.

It was a gas station owner down the street from the house that called the police about the deck.

“It doesn’t make sense to me,” Steven Biron told the Boston Globe.  “No one builds a deck on a house they don’t own.” Referring to the property where Ortiz’s remains were found.   (Click here to see photo.)

Ortiz’s family spoke with Biron after Mother’s Day to ask him if he had seen Ortiz or had any surveillance video.  And Biron did.  Looking back over it is when he saw that the deck had been built shortly after Ortiz disappeared.   Video also shows the police looking for Ortiz in that area and at the house on May 21 and it shows a newly constructed deck being put over the concrete.

Police Chief Stephen Lynch announced that the body found belonged to Domingo Ortiz of Worcester, reports WPRI news.

Michelle Morin, 40, of 505 Douglas Pike was arrested on fugitive from justice charges in Worcester and will face murder charges for the death of Ortiz.

Steven Pietrowics, Jr., 39, who lived with Morin at the Douglas Pike address will be charged with Ortiz’ death on Monday.  He is currently in jail in Rhode Island for domestic assault, after he was arrested for fugitive from justice charges.

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