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John Reamer missing from Helena, Montana since 1994

John B. Reamer went missing from Helena, Montana on March 27, 1994.  He was last seen with his girlfriend, Darcy Kamerman.  She dropped him off at his apartment on Wilder Street in Helena. 

John called Kamerman and his mother who lives in THree Forks, Montana before he went to his classes at Carroll College.  He has not been heard from since. 

John’s personal items were found at his apartment and his car was parked outside.  His favorite cowboy hat could not be found. 

John was on state supervision because of a felony assault conviction stemming from a bar fight in 1992. 

John’s bank account was never used again.  The police know he made several phone calls to fishing companies in Alaska where he had worked before moving to Montana. 

John has a tattoo with words “Makah Nation” for his Native American heritage.  The logo has two feathers hanging down.  John may also use the last name of Hanson.  John also had medication for his bipolar disorder and depression. 

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