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Dead and Missing women cases from Chillicothe leads to a new Ohio task force

Ernest Moore

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Outline of disappearances and deaths:
Charlotte Trego, Disappeared May 3, 2014.
Tameka Lynch disappeared May 2014 found May 2014 in Paint Creek, Coroner said she died of a multiple-drug overdose.
Wanda Lemons disappeared October 2014.
Shasta Himelrick disappeared December 2014. Her body was found in the Scioto River. Death ruled suicide.
Tiffany Sayre disappeared May 2015, body found near Paint Creek.
Timberly Clayton never reported missing but found dead on May 2015 in Massieville. She had been shot in the head three times. McCrary is awaiting trial in July for her murder.

UPDATE 5/31/16 – Investigative Discovery will be airing a documentary in 6 parts on the six woman from Chillicothe, Ohio starting on June 6 at 10 p.m.  On June 15th episode the detective mention that someone was in the car with Mccrory.  Could it have been Dollar Bill Moore and that was why the police were looking for him?

Does Neil Falls have anything to do with the missing Chillicothe women?

UPDATE:  9/11/15 –  Police have stated that Ernest “Dollar Bill” Moore has turned himself in on Thursday night after the Chillicothe Police Dept. stated they wanted to talk with him.

Moore, 36, has been named a “person of interest in the drug trade and at risk women involved in human trafficking,” but not in the disappearance and murders of several women in the area.

“He is not a suspect in the disappearance,” said Chief Deputy T.J. Hollis, who heads the missing women’s task force. “He’s a person involved in the drug trade and uses women who are at-risk and involved in the sex trade.”

A special task force has been created earlier this summer to search for answers to why so many woman have turned up missing or dead in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Charlotte Trego is missing from Chillicothe, Ohio

Over the past 16 months, four women have been found dead and two are still missing.

UPDATE 6/22/15 – Could a man who is a person of interest in murder of a woman in Ross County be connected to the Chillicothe murders?

Timberly Claytor, 38, was found shot in the head three times and dumped in high weeds near a empty building.  She is not on the list of missing persons as no one reported her missing, but police are considering she may have been killed by the same person that is responsible for several deaths in Chillicothe.

The police went to the 1100 block of Massieville the end of May and seized a car.

“Investigators recovered a great deal of evidence from the vehicle including blood, DNA and a bullet,” said George Lavender of Ross County Sheriff’s Dept.

They also arrested Jason McCrary, 36, a RSO for not updating his address.  He was convicted in 2005 for  Unlawful Sexual Conduct W/a Minor.  He is the prime suspect in  Claytor’s murder, but is he also responsible for the deaths of several other women in the area?

“There’s a common thread in terms of the places that the victims frequented and some of the people they were associated with,” the RCSD said.

Jason McCrary

UPDATE:  6/21/15 – The body of Tiffany Sayre was found about 7 p.m. Saturday by two people walking along Cave Road, near Bainbridge, about 30 miles west of Chillicothe.  The location was not too far from Paint Creek where Tamika Lynch was found.  An autopsy would show she had cocaine, amphetamine, morphine, Dilaudid and alcohol in her system at the time of death.

UPDATE 6/8/15 – The Portsmouth Police Chief Robert Ware told the Portsmouth Daily Times on June 8, 2015 that he was going to Chillicothe, Ohio to learn if there is an connection with the death of TImberly Claytor, 38, and the disappearance of  Charlotte Trego, Wanda Lemons and Tiffany Sayre (Sayre’s body was found) as well as women from Columbus and Scitoto County.   Timberly was found dead from multiply gun shot wounds near a vacant house on Trego Creek Road in Massieville, which is located five miles south of Chillicothe.  Timberly was an acquaintance of Charlotte, Wanda and Tiffany.

Authorities want to talk with Jason McCrary, 36, a RSO, to see if there is connection with him and these woman.  Right now they are waiting on forensic evidence from BCI.

Original Story:  A new task force in Ohio is looking into the case of six missing women from one area who were later found dead or are still missing.

Tiffany Sayre – found

The task force will have members of the FBI, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Ross County Sheriff’s Dept and Chillicothe Police Department joined together to investigate these cases.

Timberly D. Claytor, 38, was found in some weeds next to an abandoned building on Trego Creek Road in Massieviolle on Friday.  She had been shot in the head.

Wanda Lemons is missing
from Chillicothe

The Ross County Sheriff Dept. have stated that their prime suspect is Jason McCrary, who is currently in jail on a separate charge of failing to register as a sex officer.  McCrary knew all the woman that have gone missing or who have been found deceased.

Shasta Himelrick body was found in the Scioto River in Ross County on January 2015.  She had been missing since Christmas, 2014.  She left her home in Richmond Dale after receiving a text on her phone and was seen on a video at the Speedway gas Station in Chillicothe.

30-year-old Tameka Lynch’s body was found in Paint Creek near Bainbridge in December of 2014.  The coroner said she died of a drug overdose.    Charlotte Trego, 27, is still missing  since May 3, 2014, as well as Tiffany Sayre, 26, who was last seen on May 11, 2014 (She was located in 2015).

Wanda Lemons, 37, went missing on November 3, 2014 and was last seen in Chillicothe.

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