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Monique Figueroa missing from Palmdale, Calif., family worried gang took her


Monique Figueroa, 28, from Palmdale, Calif. went missing on May 19, 2015 after she went to visit a friend.  Monique’s father, Jeff Figueroa admitted that his daughter hung out with gang members and her boyfriend was arrested for murder in March and he is currently in jail.  (He was convicted of murder in 2016). Jeff is worried that someone took her because they were afraid she would talk.

“I believe my daughter was kidnapped due to the company she kept and the knowledge she knows about possible murders,” Jeff Figueroa said.

Monique’s 2004 burgundy Mercedes Benz was found abandoned on Fort Tejon Road in Littleneck, by the LA Sheriff’s. The vehicle was off-road and abandoned in Juniper Hills. The vehicle also had scratches.  Anyone with information is asked to call Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.


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