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Police release sketches of suspects involved in abductions

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has released a sketch of a man wanted in connection with an attempted kidnapping.

The incident happened on May 19 on Black Cherry Court in Woodlands, Texas.  The man in the sketched asked the girl for directions.  Afterwords he said he had a gift for her as a thank you and motioned to the girl to come to the back of the vehicle.  There was also a woman sitting in the front passenger seat.  The girl said no and started to walk away but the man grabbed her on the shoulder and told her to come with him, but she got away and ran home. 

The suspect is described as skinny and bald while male, 30-years-old and wearing a light blue collared shirt and khaki shorts.  He was driving a black Honda or Acura Sports Utility or Crossover vehicle.  The windows were tinted and may have had a green “One Hundred Club” on the back window.  The female passenger was white, heavy and brown medium length hair and was wearing sunglasses. 

While I was doing research on this, I found more cases:

On Jan. 6, 2014 the Precinct 3 Constable’s Office was dispatched to the 1300 block of Buchans Street in the Imperial Oaks neighborhood. Upon arrival they met with a juvenile whom claimed that 2 black males driving an older model Dodge pickup truck with possible damage attempted to pull him into the vehicle. Both suspects were supposedly wearing ski masks at the time. There were no known witnesses or other victims to report. “We have received no other calls or tips in regards to any suspicious behavior or persons fitting these descriptors”, stated Chief Matt Rodriguez. Investigators are conducting an investigation working on all leads.  (No composite)

On April 29, 2014 a man in Montgomery County is wanted for sexual assault of a child.  This guy was seen in the Imperial Oaks neighborhood on April 29, 2014.

Wanted for sexual assault of a child in Montgomery County in 2014
Suspect wanted for attacking a jogger in Montgomery
  County in 2010

On Jan. 28, 2010, a female jogger was attacked while jogging along Gosling Road. South County Patrol units responded to the area and located the victim. The victim said that she was jogging southbound on Gosling along the north bound lanes, when a white male stepped out from the bike trail and grabbed her by the right arm. The female said that the male attempted to pull her back into the woods by her arm and threatened that he had a knife. The female grabbed a hold of a nearby tree at which time the suspect fell backwards. The suspect grabbed the victim’s hair pulling her hat off as he fell backwards. The victim was able to run away and call for help.

The suspect is described as a white male in his early 20’s, 5’09-5’10 weighing approximately 200 pounds with short brown hair. The suspect was wearing white shorts and a black tank top and fled running south along Gosling from this location. Detectives from the Major Crimes Unit responded to the scene.

Wanted for attempted kidnapping

On May 27, 2009, police have released a sketch of a suspect in an attempted kidnapping that occurred on Tuesday afternoon, May 26, in Grogan’s Mill Village, The Woodlands, Texas. According to authorities, an 18-year-old female high school student got off her school bus at approximately 3 p.m. at Grogan’s Mill Road and South Millbend when she noticed a black man parked nearby in a black Porsche Cayenne. According to the girl, the man told her to get into his vehicle. She refused and ran to a nearby grocery store and the suspect drove away.

The girl told police that she had seen the man and vehicle in the same area in the past. The suspect is described as a black male, in his 30’s, shaved head and face, 5’8”, 200 pounds and muscular. He was wearing a striped shirt at the time of the incident.

On  March 7, 2006, an 11-year-old girl was waiting for her school bus when she was nearly abducted.  Waiting at the intersection of East River Road and 5th Street, the girl was approached by a white/male suspect in an older model Buick or Oldsmobile. The suspect asked the child for the time and when she approached the suspect’s car he grabbed her and attempted to force her into the car.
The victim kicked and screamed for help, which drew attention from neighbors. The suspect released the child and then fled in his vehicle west on East River Road toward State Highway 59.  There were numerous witnesses to this crime and witnesses describe the suspect as:

  • White/Male Late 30s to 50 years old.
  • Vehicle Silver 80s to 90s Buick or Oldsmobile 4 door passenger car.

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