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Kidnapped boy found on bus after bus driver spots his red shoes

Tim Watson, hero bus driver

Alfonso Edinton

A boy that was kidnapped from a California library was rescued after a bus driver spotted him on his bus.

The three-year-old boy, whose name has not been released was sitting next to man on a bus when Tim Watson, a Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority bus driver noticed the crying boy.  Earlier Tim had been notified to keep an eye out for a boy in plaid shorts and red shoes who was taken by a man in a black-hooded sweatshirt from the Milipitas public library on 160 North Main Street on Friday around 10 a.m. , reported the New York Daily News. 

Watson wanted a closer look at the boy, so he pretended to be looking for a missing backpack.  Watson said as he got closer to the boy he saw the plaid shorts and red shoes. 

He called dispatch and authorities met the bus at it’s next stop at the Fremont train station about 12 miles from the library.  The man got off the bus carrying the child and was met by law enforcement.

The child was not harmed and the abductor who was identified as Alfonso David Edinton, 23, from Pittsburg, California was arrested.   He has no connection to the family and police are still investigation the man’s intentions.

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