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Tina Pitts AKA Selwyn Richardson missing from Tulsa, Oklahoma since 2006

Tina Pitts, AKA Selwyne Richardson from Tulsa, Ok. has been missing since 2006 and on Friday the family received a handwritten letter describing where her body could be found.

The letter is written on a napkin, similar to the type that is seen to dry your hands in a restaurant or gas station, and says: “Look up under the part of the shop that he had added on after your daughter became missing on Apache Shield ‘guy’ shop on Apache.” There was no explanation who “he” was and the word after Apache Shield could be gun or guy or maybe even another word. A Google search for Apache Shield guy or gun shop shows no listing at this time.

Keener Bain Hazard brought the case of Angie Denise Tucker to my attention as it had similarities with the Tina Pitts case.What is coincidental about this is that in 2007, Angie Denise Tucker went missing from Apache St. and Yale Ave in Oklahoma.  Her ex-boyfriends name was Allen Shield, who committed suicide in 2011 after a standoff with the police where he took an ex-girlfriends daughter as hostage.   Could the person that wrote the note be implicating Allen Shield?

The family has no idea who wrote the note that was left on Tina’s mother’s door, Edna Pitts and are hoping that the person comes forward, reports Fox 23 news.

Tina was scheduled to babysit on Nov 4, but she was not at her apartment on 21st St. and Mingo Rd. She was last seen with her ex-boyfriend on Nov. 5. Attempts to call her resulted in her not answering her phone and a missing person report was filed on Nov. 8. Tina’s blood was found in her boyfriend’s truck but there was not enough evidence to arrest him. Several years later he ended up in jail for unrelated weapon charges. Police later said that evidence found inside Pitts’ apartment indicates foul play was involved.

Every year the family celebrates her birthday.

“Regardless, if I don’t see her, wherever she is I celebrate,” Angie Pitts, Tina’s sister told KJRH news. “I have to let her know I’m keeping her spirit alive.”

Anyone with Information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.

4 thoughts on “Tina Pitts AKA Selwyn Richardson missing from Tulsa, Oklahoma since 2006

  1. What the writer of the note appears to be saying is that the (Allen) Shields guy put an addition on a home or business on Apache Street shortly after her death. Not a business named Apache Shields.

  2. They may be trying to say that there is a body located in or around a building that had an addition added on Apache Street where the Shield guy was shot???

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