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Do you recognize this child?

UPDATE: December 30, 2018.  The link below (Do I Look Familiar) was for a page on Facebook called “White Shotgun House” that was up and running in 2015.–This link no longer works for me and as it appears the page is no longer there.  Recently I tried to communicate with the owner of the flyer but they have not responded to my request for an update.  I will wait to see if she reaches is out to me and if not, I will remove the post, assuming she no longer wants to pursue this.

Original post

Do I look familiar?  I’m not sure who I am.  I may have been abducted as a toddler in the mid-1960s.  I don’t know my real birth name or birth date.  I was raised in the Houston, Texas area.  I remember being taken away from my sister, possibly twin sister, as we played in a playpen in the front yard of a white shotgun house.  This house may have been in Louisiana.  I’m looking for my parents and sister.  If you have nay information, please txt or call 832-766-7310.”

What she does know:
She is NOT Elizabeth Gill
She is NOT Edna Bette-Jean Masters
She is 54% British and I a small percentage of African heritage.
She has a widow’s peak
She has blue eyes

2 thoughts on “Do you recognize this child?

  1. Circumstances of Disappearance
    Sharon Giusti and her two infant children — Michelle and Clara Arlene — disappeared from their Port Townsend farm on March 5, 1963.
    On March 9, 1963, a local farmer reported that his wife, Sharon, and two daughters disappeared from the family farm four days earlier. The Giusti farm was located about five miles south of Port Townsend, Washington. The husband told deputies that he had been working in the fields all afternoon and when he returned at the end of the day, his family, a car, some clothing and cash were missing. Relatives told deputies that they had neither seen nor heard from Sharon or her two children since March 5 of that year.

    The day after Sharon's husband filed the missing persons report, the car that Sharon was driving was found underneath a highway overpass more than two miles from the farm. The car was unlocked and there was no trace of Sharon or the kids.

    Clara Arlene Giusti was born on May 4, 1962 and was only 10 months old when she disappeared. She had red hair and blue eyes.

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