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Bob Villarreal: Missing from Holland, Michigan since 1989

Bob Villarreal, 27,  went missing from Douglas, Mich. in 1989.  He was last seen at his mother’s home in the Ottogan Mobile Home Park in Holland in May.  He was lying on his couch when she left and he was gone when she got back.

Bob had been involved in a minor hit and run before he went missing and authorities thought that was why he could not be located, as he didn’t want to go to court for his third offense of drunk driving and his driver’s license had been taken away.  Now police believe that something happened to him and he may have gotten involved with the “wrong crowd.”

“In the back of our mind, we’re wondering if possibly he met with some kind of foul play,” Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Matt Doan told WOOD TV.
“As a sibling it’s hard, but as a parent it’s harder. Both my parents died without knowing what happened to him,” Linda Wood, Villarreal’s sister, told WOOD TV.

If you have any information about Villarreal to contact Doan at MSP Post in Wayland at 269-792-2213. You can also leave a tip anonymously there or here at this website.

Bob had a horizontal scar across the top of his right wrist, the initials “RV” tattooed between his left thumb and index finger and a crucifix tattooed on one of his arms.   He also goes by Bob, Bobby, Billy or Villy. 

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