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Police search for missing person from Winston Salem in Pffafftown and remains found

UPDATE 7/1/15 – Last week, the Winston-Salem Police Dept. were called to a home in Pffafftown concerning a missing person.  On Wednesday, Jason Michael Mitchell, 34, and Mary (Jenny) Utleye Mitchell, 48, of 3555 Brookbank Drive in North Carolina were charged with felonious destruction of body/concealment of death.  Records show they purchased the home in 2001.

Mary Mitchell

We now find out that during the search at the home, the police found human remains.  Who they belong to have not been released. 

Original Story:  The Winston-Salem police executed a search warrant at a home on the 3500 block of Brookbank Drive in Pffafftown, N.C. 

Jason Mitchell

Most of Friday they spent most of the day digging through the backyard of the house.  Then later on a bomb squad showed up to search the house. 

The police are saying that it is a missing person investigation from out of Salem-Winston, but nothing more than that.  No one knows who the missing person is they are searching for.

Although neighbors and the media have been asking for an explanation the police are not talking, and have closed off the street near the home. 

The police searched in a shed and then began searching the home again the following day.  So far, no one has been taken into custody.
Neighbors state that a Jason Mitchell, 34, lives in the home and that he kept to himself and was known to “mess in his yard and make fires.” 

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